911 Pentagon VIDEOS or Navy Yard Shooter VIDEOS?

Nobody gives a rat’s a$$ about the Navy Yard Shooter VIDEOS of a CIA-programmed “Manchurian Candidate” assassin – BUT ALL Americans and the whole world have a VITAL INTEREST in seeing the 911 VIDEOS, taken by security cameras around the Pentagon and SEIZED BY THE FBI shortly after the alleged airliner crash into the Pentagon!

PentagonCruiseMissile2Click on image to watch the (ONLY) Pentagon VIDEO! WHY has the FBI not released all the other Pentagon VIDEOS? What do THEY have to HIDE???

If you watch the video carefully, you can SEE! the white smoke trail of the…


…most likely launched from an Israeli NUKE-capable submarine, one of 6 supplied to Zionist Israel by its SLAVE STATE (Germany), with Frau Ferkel’s blessing, as part of the never-ending “Wiedergutmachen” RIP-OFF of many innocent generations of Germans!

PentagonHoleNow that’s a nice, round hole – a CRUISE MISSILE made!

That’s right, folks – NO wings, NO tail, NO fuselage, NO seats – ANYWHERE!

America’s Federal Gov’t, its Federal Agencies and the Military (Brass) are…




HangEmHighDid  I mention humanoid reptilian ALIENS, manufactured in DUMBs?!


EVERYWHERE in America, but especially in Washington D.C.

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