Satan – Yahweh – NYC – Japan – Syria – Russia – America – Hell – NUKES – Israel – Hollywood – Dimona – 911 – 311 – Fukushima – Sayonara – Aliens – Obama – Bush – LIES!

FukushimaReactor41Click on image for details of how ISRAEL blew up Fukushima (311) with NUKES and STUXNET, including Reactor #4! And, YEAHTHEY also did 911, the USS Liberty attack, the JFK assassination and MANY other…



 NOTE to Dr. Helen Caldicott:

I recommend that Helen Caldicott study Jim Stone’s website, revealing what really took place in Fukushima and who did it. She may then begin to understand the enormity of the CRIME which was committed and the failure of governments and Media to fully disclose what happened and take any action to EXPOSE the criminals who did this. Also, treating this monumental crisis with the urgency which it deserves would inevitably lead to PANIC in Japan and the residents leaving Japan as fast as they can! Japanese society would disintegrate in a matter of months, if not weeks. That’s FAR better, however, than disintegrating from radiation!

Obviously, Helen fully understands the implications of the situation to the health of the inhabitants of Japan, to the visitors to Japan – and to the entire global community. This is an EXTINCTION-LEVEL CRIME, make no mistake about it! Those who committed it have already committed similar crimes (with micro-NUKES and mini-NUKES), like 911. “It is 100% CERTAIN that Israel (Mossad) did 911.” (Dr. Alan Sabrosky – USMC Officer at the Army War College).

Humanity is UNDER THREAT of EXTINCTION – and not just from radiation spreading from Fukushima (by air, sea, food distribution and human contact).

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