“It is 100% CERTAIN that Israel (Mossad) did 911!” The best way to commemorate the MANY victims of 911 (in NYC, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) is to bring the perpeTRAITORS to justice – at the end of a rope, or, better yet, MELT THEM (Ezekiel 22:20) We must NEVER FORGET – that Israel did 911 and 311, and used NUKES ILLEGALLY developed at Dimona!!

havenofellowship12CarStickerObamaPuppet911ButtonBIGStatueZionism2ZionistsNEVERFORGETTRex4PyramidsGiza3HangEmHighNUKEIsraelnozionism4DebtSlavesPyramidPyramidOfEvil3Vancouver911IsraelBlobszionist911memorial2ProtocolsYahuBamaZionistViperStatueZionism2ZionistCrimesSynagogueSatan6ZionistKillerWTC6#1NukeZionistIsrael2Zionist-Media911BIGThreeOfFiveDancingIsraelisZionismIsNazism1SevenDaysZOG1ZionistCancerNUKESforIsraelPOA1Click on last image, above, to SEE! what YOU can DO to STOP THEM!

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