“Give up ILLEGAL and HIDDEN NUKES!” Russia, China, North Korea, India, Pakistan, France, England and America urge Zionist Israel (or face INSTANT EXTERMINATION!) Zionist Israel crossed Humanity’s RED LINE when it ILLEGALLY acquired and USED its NUKES during the 911 “False-Flag” Attack on America. Syria should give up its WMD right AFTER Zionist Israel gives up its NUKES!

IsraeliNUKES1IsraelNUKES2IsraelNUKES3Zionist Israel’s “non-existent” NUKE factory in Dimona (Vanunu)

IsraelNUKES4Now, Zionist Israel has at least 6 nuclear-capable subs, thanks to the stupidity (idiotic “Wiedergutmachen” policy) of Zionist Germany’s BUTCHER Frau Ferkel – of Merkel Mincemeat Fame and Fortune!

The destruction of Syria and Iran (including “Regime Change”) is part of the ALIEN AGENDA and an INEVITABILITY! One way or another, sooner or later, their destiny (like that of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya and the rest of the ME and North Africa) is SEALED – like that of Japan and the rest of the world (including America) and the human habitat (Fukushima). ONLY the TOTAL ANNIHILATION of Zionist Israel can prevent the eventual ENSLAVEMENT and EXTINCTION of the Human Race! However, if human endeavor fails, Ezekiel 22:20 will NOT fail!


“The Word of God is LIVING and POWERFUL!

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