FLASH!: Skull & Bones MYTHICAL WMD: Bush-it in Iraq and Kerry-crap in Syria. It’s HIGH TIME to FUMIGATE the “Israel Lobby”!!! (UPDATED)

skull-and-bones2BushKerryBonesSkull & Bonesmen Bush-it and Kerry-crap have a rich tradition of Satanism and WMD FAKERY – in loyal service to their Satanic Zionist Slimeball MASTERS in Israel!

BushKerrySkullZionist Slimeball WMD CRACKPOTS will LIE and do ANYTHING to start a…


Any chemical weapons, exploded and/or found in Syria,  originated in Zionist Israel or Israel’s BLACK POODLE kennel in America –  used by Israeli-Syrian rebels! Here is an unmistakeable message from the American People to Zionist Israel, Zionist Slimeball STOOGES and LIARS ObamaRahm-a and Kerry-crap and all the CONgress Zionist Slimeball CRITTERS who want to start another…


Zeke2220It’s HIGH TIME for American Patriots to “DEGRADE” the ObamaRahm-a regime by…


SevenDaysZOG1It’s HIGH TIME for Israel-FIRST TRAITORS like McCain to be INCARCERATED in Guantanamo – awaiting trial and HANGING! All the CONgress CRITTERS who vote for war against Syria should join him! Then again, “They Shoot Mad Dogs” and TRAITORS, don’t they?!

As expected, the bi-partisan CONgressional leaders and Israel-FIRST Zionist Slimeballs (Boehner & Pelosi) are lining up behind Zionist Slimeballs ObamaRahm-a and Biden for a military strike (beginning of WAR FOR ISRAEL with Syria and Iran) against Syria. Watch all the other Israel-FIRST Zionist Slimeballs in CONgress get on the “WAR FOR ISRAEL” bandwagon! The “Israel Lobby” needs to be thoroughly FUMIGATED FOR ALL TIME!RAID

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