MainStream Media (MSM) focus on isolated violence – WHY?

IsolatedViolenceIn a nation of 320,000,000 people, WHY is the MainStream Media (MSM) continually focusing on isolated incidents of mindless violence and other TRIVIA? (besides softening up the populace for GUN CONTROL legislation and SURRENDER of their 2nd Amendment right to “bear arms” before THEY turn the heavily armed [with 1.2 billion rounds of hollow-point bullets and TANKS] DHS and Military and State Trooper and Police ALIEN legions loose on Americans and turn America into a GULAG – like the GAZA GULAG)



America’s MainStream Media (MSM) is OWNED and CONTROLLED by Zionist Slimeballs who are “programming” Americans into a state of groundless FEAR, ANXIETY and BLIND OBEDIENCE to CRIMINAL, EVIL and ALIEN Federal Authority!

To learn WHO and WHAT is behind the SSG (Secret Shadow Government), study…

“The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”

ProtocolsClick on image

If there are not enough real incidents of mindless and random violence for their insatiable and diabolical appetites and the “programming” of their victims to mindlessly succumb to their demonic ALIEN AGENDA, THEY make them up (Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon Bombing, more to come!). Remember, the “powers and principalities of Darkness in the heavenlies” and their earthly Zionist Slimeball AGENTS (as in “The Matrix”) are after human bodies, minds and souls – including…


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