What is the “Edgar Steele Defense Fund Board”? Are THEY just IDIOTS or are THEY more SINISTER in origin and nature (DECEIVERS)?!

SteelePrisonerEdgar in his jail cell. If you want to have a “good cry” about the “dirty hands” (ESDFB) Edgar’s fate is now in, click on ESDFB. THEY BANNED the comment below from the “Free-Edgar-Steele” website blog. THEY are at least  IDIOTS (probably WORSE!)

“So now the ESDFB expects it will take “several months” for the Appeals Court Judges to render an opinion on a minor part of the case. Meanwhile, poor Edgar continues to waste away in the Victorville Federal Hell Hole, as plotted by his DoJ CRIMINAL tormentors. Remember, folks, Edgar said: “The System is BROKEN” – so why pour good $$$ after bad in a VAIN (and DECEPTIVE) “HOPE” that the Federal CRIMINALS will have a “change of heart” and release Edgar? (a new trial won’t necessarily result in Edgar’s release!). Why? Like the strawman in the “Wizard of Oz”, THEY HAVE NO HEART! THEY are vicious and vindictive REPTILIANS with a Satanic Origin and Nature! Anyone who pins their hopes on a BROKEN SYSTEM is a fool (or worse!). Edward Snowden’s whistle-blowing on Federal NSA CRIMES is further evidence that A LOT MORE than the (legal) SYSTEM is BROKEN – beyond repair! And now the CRIMINAL Federal blood hounds (including ObamaRahm-a) are after Snowden’s blood! The reason Snowden is not returning to America to stand trial for his COURAGEOUS ACTION is because he KNOWS that…


Snowden Edward2

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