DNA test or 911 test: Identifying the HUMANOID ALIEN CRITTERS in CONgress and the Federal Gov’t.

THEYLIVEHERE2Pawelec1ObamaTHEYLIVEJCOSALIENSWHTHEYLIVEPyramidOfEvil3SchneiderPDevilzstardbOrion1WatcherFilesALIENCapitolAlienInvasion2PyramidsGiza3ObamaPuppet2If you correctly CONNECT the above “DOTS” (many are pyramid-shaped, if you know what that means), you will discover the ONLY SOLUTION to The Puzzle of Human Existence on planet Earth. To confirm that you have discovered the CORRECT SOLUTION, and to discover MANY MORE “DOTS”, STUDY this Blog and all embedded links in their entirety! Then, check again to find out what YOU can DO about it! It’s child’s play, really!

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