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What is the “Edgar Steele Defense Fund Board”? Are THEY just IDIOTS or are THEY more SINISTER in origin and nature (DECEIVERS)?!

Edgar in his jail cell. If you want to have a “good cry” about the “dirty hands” (ESDFB) Edgar’s fate is now in, click on ESDFB. THEY BANNED the comment below from the “Free-Edgar-Steele” website blog. THEY are at leastĀ  … Continue reading

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Ask yourself: Are we doing all we can to stem the tide of the American Police State??? Are YOU doing all YOU can???

Edward Snowden did all he could! YOU can DO more than NOTHING: JOIN or DONATE to…

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The “Snowden Effect”: What other CRIMES is the American Federal Gov’t committing behind the cloaks of “Secrecy” and “National Security”??? Let’s hear (thousands) more whistles blowing! – until the walls of the CRIMINAL Federal Gov’t come tumbling down! :)

Click on photo for a legal opinion on Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing. It’s NEVER illegal to blow the whistle onĀ  CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, no matter who commits it! Why is nobody blowing the whistle on Bush-it, ObamaRahm-a, CONgress CRITTERS and all other … Continue reading

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DNA test or 911 test: Identifying the HUMANOID ALIEN CRITTERS in CONgress and the Federal Gov’t.

If you correctly CONNECT the above “DOTS” (many are pyramid-shaped, if you know what that means), you will discover the ONLY SOLUTION to The Puzzle of Human Existence on planet Earth. To confirm that you have discovered the CORRECT SOLUTION, … Continue reading

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ONLY ONE SOLUTION to the world’s problems (Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, America, Germany, etc.): NUKE Zionist Israel (and Zionism) OUT OF EXISTENCE! THEY have their deadly tentacles EVERYWHERE!

This will put A STOP to Zionism and the ALIEN AGENDA! THEY only understand FORCE (Harold Wallace Rosenthal – “The Hidden Tyranny”).

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