Life in the Twilight Zone (NOW), aka Orwell’s “1984”


Here’s a brief HEADS-UP for those who are PAYING ATTENTION (or not) to what’s REALLY happening in the world today:

Weird and unusual events are taking place with increasing frequency – and not just in the geo-political realm. HOAXES on a GRAND SCALE are being treated by the Zionist-CONTROLLED MSM as if they were real (911, Sandy Hook, Aurora, 311, etc.). We appear to have entered an Orwellian world or Twilight Zone, in which “War is Peace”, “Black is White” and SURVEILLANCE is steadily increasing – but NOBODY seems to care or DO anything about it! The Patriot Acts came out of nowhere and were passed in the dead-of-night by CONgress without anyone reading it. NOBODY wonders WHO wrote it and WHENNDAA was passed by a huge margin and signed into law by Obama. Violations of the Constitution abound (Executive Orders) and no protests are heard. FEMA camps are built ALL OVER AMERICA and manned with guards but the CONgress CRITTERS do not care. Domestic Drones are threatening to fill the skies of America. “Domestic Terrorists” (Patriots) are allegedly hiding under every rock. DHS is buying up huge amounts of hollow-point ammo and tanks for an undeclared war against…….? This is just a small sample of increasing WEIRDNESS. The MSM reports sludge and other garbage and treats it as if it were important – while TOTALLY IGNORING what’s REALLY important! We KNOW that Zionist Israel did 911 but NOT ONE politician has publicly admitted it!

In the Spectator Sports world, Josh Hamilton is batting .203 with 2 homers, more than a month into the season – while being paid a HUGE salary. Josh Becket is 0-4. 2 German soccer teams annihilate the 2 best Spanish soccer teams in the world (UEFA Champions League). The highly-touted Lakers and Clippers bomb out in the 1st round of the Playoffs. The Dodgers and Angels (with huge player salaries) are bottom-feeding at the bottom of their Divisions. Pujols is a mere shadow of his former self. Halladay has an unbelievably high ERA. This is not just “baseball” and run-of-the-mill “standard deviation” stuff – this is WEIRD!

The Stock Market breaks all-time records – while the American economy is heading for the ABYSS. “AVAILABLE” signs are everywhere, yet the MSM is trying to convince us that Housing is in “Recovery” mode. Tens of millions are on Food Stamps and/or unemployed – but we’re being fed a bunch of “good-times” BS and falsified Unemployment stats by the B(L)S! Zionists Greenspan and Bernanke have intentionally KILLED OFF the economy and created HUGE DEBT – but they are still alive and smirking. That WAR CRIMINAL Bush-it has a library dedicated in Texas and watches Ranger games with Nolan Ryan in front of thousands – instead of being arrested and/or shot-on-sight.

So what’s REALLY happening in the world?

The fabric of our time-space dimension is tearing and other-dimensional CRITTERS are INVADING our space and turning everything upside-down and inside-out. Gay marriages becoming legal? Illegal aliens by the millions are becoming “legal” with the stroke of some idiot’s pen, while corrupting governments and impoverishing states and municipalities? Gun Control and Martial Law staring American citizens in the face – and nobody is blinking? Just WHO is wearing all those UNIforms and telling Americans what to do and take off their shoes and socks (TSA)? A president occupying the WH for 2 terms who refuses to submit PROOF of his American birth – and posts a FAKE BC on the WH website? Dual-citizen Israeli Slimeballs INFESTING our governments (Rahm-a, Zakheim, etc.)?

WHEN are we going to collectively run into the streets, fully and legally armed, and scream: “We’re MAD AS HELL – and we’re not going to take it anymore!” (and MEAN IT!)?

Did I forget to mention the INSANITY of millions of so-called “Christians”, supporting the ROGUE and SATANIC State of Zionist Israel – Homeland of ANTI-Christs?! There is no greater OXYMORON than a Zionist “Christian”! Are you listening, Joel Osteen, Len Solomon, John Hagee, Charles Stanley, Doug Bird – and all the other CUFI pastors of…

“The Synagogue of Satan”?


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2 Responses to Life in the Twilight Zone (NOW), aka Orwell’s “1984”

  1. tonybinca says:

    Great post.I only wish my family would wake up from their stupor along with the others who are brainwashed. I’m tired of their lame “conspiracy theory” non-argument to the facts about 911, etc.

  2. GodSend says:

    You would think that intelligent (highly educated) people would be somewhat immune to Zionist-CONTROLLED MSM brainwashing – but that is NOT the case! I have personal friends with PhDs and brilliant careers who are not even willing to research the facts but are (unwittingly) brainwashed to OBEY the authorities without questioning anything. THAT is scary, indeed! It is extremely difficult to wake people up (including family) out of their stupor and you risk being called a nutcase. Most members of my family are also totally clueless! Oh, well – we must persevere regardless, because millions of lives and souls are at stake. Humanity is up against a VERY CUNNING enemy!

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