An OPEN LETTER to Cindy Steele, wife of FRAMED attorney Edgar J. Steele


Dear Mrs. Steele & family,

Thank you for the email update. I am very sorry to hear about the recent loss of your mom.

I have been an avid supporter of Edgar in his fight for justice (new trial) and freedom against our criminal Federal Gov’t and its corrupt and Zionist-controlled Agencies (FBI, DoJ, etc.). I will continue to support any legitimate effort (which has even a slim chance of succeeding) to expose this flagrant miscarriage of justice and free Edgar.

I must warn you that the chances of obtaining a new (and fair) trial and freeing Edgar through the existing, corrupt legal system (clearly pointed out by Edgar himself) are EXTREMELY SLIM and probably ZERO! Edgar would not be where he is today, serving a 50-year “life” sentence, if our legal system were still legal, constitutional and fair! Given these demonstrated facts, the continuing efforts to obtain justice through a corrupt legal system and soliciting funds from supporters for that purpose, are at best misleading (and poor judgment) and at worst a deliberate waste of contributions and time!

Why would our criminal Federal Gov’t, which framed and illegally convicted Edgar at great expense to the American taxpayers and in obvious violation of laws, now turn back and admit its past criminality and expose itself to ridicule and public embarrassment – and probably a lawsuit by Edgar?

When it becomes clear that the present course of legal action to seek redress was/is a waste of money and of time, you will be forced to acknowledge what was predictable (and predicted), make apologies to all of Edgar’s financial supporters for wasting their money in fruitless efforts and figure out a new and EFFECTIVE strategy to obtain your (stated) objectives with regard to Edgar. That’s if you sincerely want your husband back home while he is still alive!

When a former president of the United States declares that the Constitution is “just a piece of paper” (presumably he meant TP) and the existing president violates the Constitution practically daily (NDAA, Domestic Drones, Executive Orders, etc.), what use do you think our criminal Federal Gov’t has for any other laws??? They ABUSE them for their own devious, diabolical and criminal purposes. That is the harsh reality which you apparently have not yet faced – God-only knows why not. Wishful thinking, contrary to EVIDENCE, is NOT facing reality! Here’s how Einstein defined INSANITY: “Doing the same thing over and over again – and expecting different results.” Think about the MOTIVES of people who are advising you to travel down this road (blind alley) on a “fool’s errand”.


Peter K Joneleit

Text of Cindy Steele’s email UPDATE

Dear Edgar Steele Supporters,

My thank you for your support is long overdue, but please know that in my heart I thank you every day and appreciate your support more than any of these words can express. Life has been relentlessly hard since Ed’s false arrest and wrongful conviction and when I lost my Mom it pretty much took the wind out of my sails.

My heart is still heavily saddened, for I’ve had to endure the loss of two best friends – my husband by a criminal government who went to great lengths to take him away and my mom through death. However, I’m pulling myself up to continue the fight to bring my husband home.

What I want you to know is that along with praying, it is your support through supportive letters and/or donations that helps me to stay strong, for I know that I do not stand alone as I fight for justice for Ed and for all of us.

I realize that I’ve been far too quiet on matters pertaining to Ed’s current situation, but I assure you that I’m out here fighting for my husband’s freedom. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a lot to report, as the appeal process is slow and a lot of time is spent waiting for filings, responses, replies and answers from the attorneys on both sides and the courts. It is just one of the many things that has been a source of frustration, but anyone in this type of situation is at the mercy of our un-justice or “Just-us” system.

In regards to the appeal, it has been in front of the 9th Circuit Court since January and we are waiting for their response. I’ve been told that maybe we would receive a response in 2-3 months, but that there is no set time and 6 months or longer is more likely. Though, because of a ruling on another case, we have already lost one of the appealable issues. Of course, we pray and still have hope that the remaining two issues will finally get Ed some justice and for starts, get him a new trial.

There has been a lot of concern about the lack of any contact with Ed, especially in regards to his mail. I can tell you that for the most part he is not getting most of his mail. I’ve had supporters contact me about their mail being returned. I’ve had mail I’ve sent him returned. Ed told me that he isn’t getting most of the mail that anyone has sent, including any legal mail. Apparently, most of that same undelivered mail to him has not been returned to those who sent it, either. If he does receive any mail, it typically isn’t given to him for 2 to 3 weeks from the time the prison has received the mail. It doesn’t matter that the federal prison’s policy states that they are to receive their mail within 24 hours. It is just one of the many ways that they utilize to inflict future punishment.

Until March 17, 2013, my main contact with Ed has been through email and phone calls about every 3 to 4 days. Each phone call is only 15 minutes long, but it is the best part of my day when I get to talk to him. I get to hear his voice and for that brief moment I get relief from the worry over his health and general well being. Unfortunately, now he will only be able to call me once a month due to being back in solitary confinement (the “hole”) for probably an extended period of time. It is for his own protection and by his choice that he is in the “hole” because of being punched by another prisoner and receiving threats. As he has requested, hopefully they will transfer him back to the west side of the prison where he felt safer or to a medical facility where he could hopefully get some proper medical care. Fortunately, he was recently able to send me a note, which is attached and which I share with you here [LINK TO .PDF SCAN], which basically tells you what I’ve relayed.

The Edgar Steele Defense Fund (non-profit) board and I have been working to produce a DVD, titled Witness to the Persecution; The Plot to Silence Edgar Steele. It was our hope to have it completed for release by now and to send a complimentary copy to those that have so generously donated to Ed’s defense fund. However, some technical complications have held up the completion of the DVD, so it will be sent out as soon as possible.

One last matter is the disclaimer that has been added to our website, which you may view below. Please take a moment to read it, for our family fully supports this disclaimer.

With this said, I again thank everyone for their support and I pray that one day Ed will come home and we all can enjoy his company. I pray for your safety as well because you have been sticking your neck out to support Ed. I pray that all of us can stay safe during these times of peril.

Cindy G. Steele


To All Supporters of Edgar J. Steele, past, present and future,

The only website that is approved by the Free Edgar Steele board, Mr. Edgar Steele, his three children and his wife in his defense and for receiving donations for his defense is or “FES.” Donations received through this website have only been used for Mr. Edgar Steele’s defense and will continue to be used only for his defense as his true supporters struggle to win his freedom. Every cent donated is accounted for and overseen by the Free Edgar Steele board.


It has come to the board’s attention that there are other websites that claim to be supporting Edgar Steele and are soliciting donations to “free him.” The FES board, Edgar Steele and his family want to advise everyone that there is no way to control the other websites nor do we have any connection with any other website that claims to be helping or defending Edgar Steele, nor do we approve of or have the ability to manage or control of any funds collected by them. There is no guarantee that funds donated to any site other than FES will be used for Mr. Edgar Steele’s defense or will benefit him in any way. In fact, these unauthorized websites seem determined to work against the interests of Mr. Edgar Steele and are only undermining his defense.

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