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Our journey to immortality in the presence of God begins and ends with CHRIST-Consciousness (NOT SELF-Consciousness!) “Christ in us, the hope of Glory”

The work of SATAN and his worshipers (including Israeli Zionist Slimeballs) is to PREVENT human beings from reaching CHRIST-Consciousness through DECEPTION and MASS MIND CONTROL  (like we have been witnessing in America since 911). SATAN is an ALIEN (DRAGON) to … Continue reading

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SEE! – the REAL Boston Bomber (CRAFTy Blackwater Federal Terrorists!)

Click on image for the incontrovertible EVIDENCE of State Terrorism! Remember, folks, the Zionist-CONTROLLED MSM is ENEMY #1! Your ALIEN-infested Federal Government is the ENEMY WITHIN!!! The 2 brothers are PATSIES and INNOCENT! Click on image MORE

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ObamaRahm-a: “Americans refuse to be terrorized by Israeli Zionist Slimeballs or their own Government”

Click on image of the “Auslege” Goy Domestic Terrorist #1 and ILLEGAL ALIEN How do American Patriots STOP Domestic (and Israeli) Terrorism? Click on POA – and then JOIN or DONATE (before it’s TOO LATE!)

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  JOIN the RESISTANCE! Click on image and JOIN the fight against the ALIENS, now occupying the WH, CONgress and ALL American public and private institutions! PS What REALLY happened in Boston? “Resist the Devil and he will flee from … Continue reading

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Will the Boston Marathon bombing unleash a FABRICATED FEDERAL FRAMING of so-called “Domestic Terrorists”?

YOU  BETCHA! Click on image THEY are determined to fill up the FEMA camps with “Domestic Terrorists” (American Patriots) And WHAT is the DHS “up to”, pray tell, with its recent ARMS purchases? WHAT retired Army Captain Hestilow knows about … Continue reading

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An OPEN LETTER to Cindy Steele, wife of FRAMED attorney Edgar J. Steele

  Dear Mrs. Steele & family, Thank you for the email update. I am very sorry to hear about the recent loss of your mom. I have been an avid supporter of Edgar in his fight for justice (new trial) … Continue reading

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Why gun control is bad for America (and Humanity).

Click on image for the answers – read my COMMENTS! Search this website for “gun” and get more details on gun control and the… ALIEN AGENDA!

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