Sons of Light

FakeMassacreClick on image

THEY LIVE – in Colorado, Washington, Connecticut and ALL other States. THEY LIVEin Aurora and in Newtown and in DUMBs – and in YOUR neighborhood! THEY are cops, FBI agents, DoJ justices (including Supreme Court justices), members of CONgress (Critters), WH occupants, garbage collectors, 911 “eye witnesses”, Walmart “greeters” and athletes. THEY are ALIENS who have genetically re-engineered THEMselves to look just like us (Google Wm. Pawelec) – BUT THEYAIN’T!THEY are cold-blooded, cunning, cruel, cannibalistic, humanoid reptilians, bent on enslaving humanity and, sooner or later, having us for breakfast, lunch or dinner, once THEY have taken away our weapons and imprisoned us in GULAG AMERICA and GULAG EARTH. For the gory details, STUDY ALL POSTS on this blog and ALL the links here. THEN, if you actually want to DO something to STOP THEM, JOIN or DONATE to:

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