23 (or more) ObamaRahm-a EXECUTIVE ORDERS = FASCIST DICTATORSHIP! “SEVEN DAYS IN MAY” can’t come too soon! (UPDATED)

ElitistHypocriteNot only is ObamaRahm-a an “Elitist Hypocrite”, he’s a CRIMINAL and TRAITOR (for concealing the true perpeTRAITORS of 911 – Zionist Israel and its “Auslege Goy”  Zionist Slimeball STOOGES in the American Federal Gov’t [just like Bush-it]) and ILLEGAL ALIEN (Kenya-born) WH Resident (FAKE BC published on the WH website). And remember what that Zionist Slimeball and “Auslege Goy” Biden said: “You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist (Slimeball)!”

The penalty for TREASON is DEATH by HANGING!

HangEmHighWhat are the “few good men” and remaining American Patriots waiting for?

poabanner51What are YOU waiting for???


Click on Kirk Douglas for the Solution

The American “Valkyrie” had better succeed – or the Republic is DOOMED!

ValkyrieWho wants to become America’s GREATEST HERO?

(Don’t all volunteer at once!)

JCOSALIENSYou can be sure it won’t be any of these ALIEN JCOS Critters!

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