Israel (176,500 strong IDF) activates 75,000+ reservists for Gaza Gulag “Pillar of Smoke” Palestinian Genocide duty!?

IDF soldiers, praying before their G_d (TANK)

What, pray tell, is Israel planning for the Gaza Gulag that 176,500 active-duty IDF soldiers can’t handle?!

“There is something unbelievably stupid about Hamas launching a few primitive rockets at Israel, giving the Israelis an excuse for a massive attack with jets, helicopters and, most likely, ground forces. This alleged Palestinian “provocation” undoubtedly originated with Israelis in yet another “False-Flag” attack (like 911).

If and when the Palestinians get serious about ending the Israeli occupation of Gaza, they will “Strike the root of Evil” simultaneously: The PM, the Knesset and IDF forces. If that doesn’t do the trick, they’ll have to arm every able-bodied Palestinian left with whatever weapons are available and cross into Israel en-masse to free their land from the Israeli oppressors – military and civilians. It’s either that or be slowly but surely starved or butchered by their Israeli tormentors. The Israelis are not likely to stop (butchering them) until there is not one Palestinian left standing!”

(GodSend Comment on RT – 11-16-12)

Some candid talk about Gaza….and more ZIONIST CRIMES


Zionist Israel started the current conflict in the Gaza Gulag by launching a murderous attack on the leader of the military wing of Hamas, killing him and several other people. This attack was designed to invite a counter-attack by Hamas, giving Israel an excuse for another, massive round of GENOCIDE and destroying more Gaza infrastructure to render Hamas and any other potential Palestinian self-government and opposition to the Zionist CRIMINALS irrelevant. Israel’s POODLE, ObamaRahm-a and America’s Zionist-INFESTED CONgress, have fully supported the latest atrocity committed by Zionist Israel, as expected. What can America (and humanity) expect from Zionist Israel in the (near) future?

The GAZA GULAG foreshadows what Zionist Israel has planned for the entire world: Global Zionist DOMINATION and the creation of GULAG AMERICA (already “in progress” with the Patriot Acts, NDAA, Domestic DRONES, FEMA camps, extensive SURVEILLANCE of ordinary Americans, DHS arming itself with 1.5 billion rounds of hollow-point bullets, etc.) and GULAG EARTH! Their diabolical plan is also known as the ALIEN AGENDA and details can be found in “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. There is ONLY ONE Option left for humanity to effectively deal with the Zionist Israel PROBLEM (ALIEN AGENDA):


The Heavenly Holocaust (“YAHWEH OPTION”) is the other FINAL SOLUTION!

What can American Patriots DO about the ZIONIST THREAT?


If we (humanity) DO NOTHING NOW, we and our children will be STARVED, ENSLAVED and ultimately DESTROYED – just like the persecuted Palestinians in the GAZA GULAG!


or be


“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour”.

(1 Peter 5:8)

Israeli Zionists are Devil-worshipers (replace “Jew” with “Zionist”) and AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of Satan!

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