Humanity on the Cusp of TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT by the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan)!

Frankly, the infiltration (more like INFESTATION) and CONTROL of planet Earth (especially America, Germany, the UK and Australia) by ALIENS in various forms (whose Homeland is Zionist Israel) is by now so extensive and the “programming” of the masses of humanity so complete, that the probability of successfully stopping the ALIEN ATTACK (now in an accelerating and more overt phase sine 911) is extremely low. It will take a successful “Seven Days in May” (or any other month) to wrest control away from the ALIENS and their STOOGES in the Federal Gov’t, and even patriots like Dr. Alan Sabrosky fail to understand the severity of the situation and the extreme and unconventional actions which are now MANDATORY to avert turning America into the next ALIEN Gulag (like the Gaza Gulag). Domestic DRONES, FEMA camps, the NDAA, etc. are now in place to make that happen with the next (already planned) “False Flag” 911 and declaration of Martial Law! If Romney somehow gets into the WH (it WON’T be by fairly winning the election), America’s situation will become immediately DIRE! Even with ObamaRahm-a, the Zionist Slimeballs will still remain IN CONTROL.


“Yahweh Option”

…may be the only option left to SAVE HUMANITY and one against which the ALIENS have no defense!

God help US!

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