Zionist Israel (MOSSAD) now targeting LEBANON in its ME Destabilization (Regime Change) and GREATER ISRAEL campaign! (UPDATED)

Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran, LEBANON (latest) with MORE to come. What MORE? Japan (311), Europe, America, Russia, China – the ENTIRE WORLD is the ultimate objective of the ALIEN, GLOBAL ATTACK on HUMANITY! There is only ONE Solution: Israel (and Zionism) MUST be “wiped off the map” in the twinkling of an eye – and SOON! THEY are pursuing their GULAG EARTH Agenda with a vengeance! (911 was the “Kick-Off”). Check this entire Blog (and my other Blog) for ALL the gory details of the…


…on Humanity.

Remember, THEY already INFEST and CONTROL the American Federal Gov’t (including most Federal Agencies and THEIR Candidates, ObamaRahm-a and Mutt Romney!)

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