Who is dying to UNLEASH a POGROM on the Jews?

Click on image to read some real HATE literature, targeting Jews!

“Here Comes Evil” is correct – but the Evil are ALIENS and ZIONISTS, unleashed!


AUTHENTIC Jews DETEST Zionism and Zionist Israel!


Judaism, although a “dead religion”, is NOT a threat to Humanity!

Zionist Israel is NOT the HOMELAND of the Jewish People. The Jewish People are FORBIDDEN by Yahweh to have a homeland until HASHEM ends the Diaspora. Zionist Israel is the HOMELAND of SATAN and his “brood of vipers”. (Israeli) Zionists are AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN! THEY have “Hearts of Stone” and NO CONSCIENCE! THEY are DEMONIC and worship their “Father”, SATAN!


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