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Humanity on the Cusp of TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT by the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan)!

Frankly, the infiltration (more like INFESTATION) and CONTROL of planet Earth (especially America, Germany, the UK and Australia) by ALIENS in various forms (whose Homeland is Zionist Israel) is by now so extensive and the “programming” of the masses of … Continue reading

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WHO IS Romney? – (1) America’s HITLER; (2) Anti-Christ; (3) Zionist ALIEN; (4) Psychopath; (5) 911 TRAITOR (6) LIAR (UPDATED)

Click on photo to find out Romney’s pedigree! ANSWER: ALL  OF  THE  ABOVE! The Poodle had better win in November!

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Presidential Debate: Zionist Narcissist vs Zionist Maniac (NOTHING to Debate! – UPDATED)

Zionist TRAITOR and NARCISSIST              vs            Zionist TRAITOR and MANIAC No matter who wins, America loses! VOTE for the BEST CHOICE: The Poodle! What Americans MUST NEVER FORGET: (or allow ANY politician to forget) “It is 100% CERTAIN that Israel (Mossad) … Continue reading

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All-Dressed-Up in the Grave Clothes of Organized “Christianity” (Catholicism, MEGA-Churches and other “Orthodox” variants)

Vast MASSES of so-called “Christians” wear the “GRAVE CLOTHES of CHRISTIANITY” every Sunday, woven by the Devil himself and those so-called “Christian” MEGA-Church leaders who really worship MAMMON (SATAN)! Click on the Vatican and Lakewood MEGA-Church images “I will say … Continue reading

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What about the MEGA-church TEMPLES of Joel Osteen (the Obscene), John Hagee, Lon Solomon and MANY other so-called “Christians”?

Click on photo for a revelation of the SATANIC DECEPTION within ZIOChristianity! John Hagee preaches VIOLENCE (against Iran) and CUFI SATANISM (Zionism)! MILLIONS of (mostly Republican) American so-called “Christians” are DECEIVED by their ZIOChristian leaders to blindly support the SATANIC … Continue reading

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Zionism (Satanism): ALIENating the Human Race from God!

“The Hidden Tyranny” Who’s hidden behind the human faces of the JCOS? Google “William Pawelec” and “Phil Schneider” and watch their videos! ALIEN Technology was used during Israel’s ATTACK ON AMERICA on 911! Israeli Zionist Slimeballs are AGENTS of the … Continue reading

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JOIN the RESISTANCE against America’s #1 ARCH-ENEMY (Zionist Israel) and the ALIEN MENACE! (UPDATED)

America is stuffed with “DO NOTHING”, self-proclaimed “Patriots”, who relish singing “God Bless America” during sports events, hand-over-heart! If YOU call yourself an “American Patriot” but don’t want to DONATE your time, energy and blood, you can at least “put … Continue reading

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