NUKES at 911 Ground Zero: PROOF that the Zionist Slimeballs (ALIEN AGENTS) ATTACKED America with NUKES!

B2level CAD and Oct 18 2001 3D – Below ground view of Ground Zero showing crater depths at the Twin Towers and Building 7 at more than 60 feet deep. Collapsing buildings don’t make craters 60 feet below ground!

(Click on image)

Dr. Stephen Jones is one of THEM! (a NUKES Denier)

(ANYONE who denies the use of NUKES on 911 is a LIAR and one of THEM. ANYONE who denies that ISRAEL DID IT is also one of THEM! THEY LIVE – and are EVERYWHERE – especially in Wash. DC. And, it is 100% CERTAIN that NO PLANES crashed anywhere on 911!)

The Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a Gov’ts are ZIONISTS, LIARS and TRAITORS!


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