Make your Vote Count in November! (UPDATED)

Just in case you forgot – Zionist Israel is the HOMELAND of Satan, Anti-Christs and Israeli Zionist Slimeballs (AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN)!

November Election ONLY Possible Outcomes:

Obama – THEY WIN; Romney – WE LOSE!



American Blood and Treasure


on Wars for Zionist Israel! (Iran, etc.)

What’s the PRICE Bush-it, ObamaRahm-a, Muttney and their HANGERS-ON will inevitably PAY for HIGH TREASON?


“And I have a final message here for those sworn elected and appointed officials of the US Government who have betrayed their oaths in order to serve Israel, for those around the government who have facilitated this effort, and for Israel itself. You all have been discovered. Your treason, treachery and crimes are known. You may not believe it yet, but your political and strategic Judgment Day is finally appearing on the horizon, as surely as it came for Nineveh and Tyre in ancient times, for the infamous Third Reich in 1945, and for the Soviet Union two decades ago.”


“The Cat is out of the Bag”, folks!

(Click on CAT)

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One Response to Make your Vote Count in November! (UPDATED)

  1. untonyto says:

    Refreshingly honest.

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