JOIN the RESISTANCE – against Satan, Israel, Zionism, TRAITORS in Gov’t and the ALIEN Agenda! (UPDATED)

“RESIST the Devil and he will flee from you!”

(James 4:7)

Click on images to view Parts I  – IV of the Edgar Steele Interview (in jail) before he was  unjustly sentenced to 50 years in the Maximum Security Federal Penitentiary in Victorville, CA., for a crime he didn’t commit!

(Edgar was FRAMED by CRIMINAL Zionist Slimeballs within the FBI and DoJ)

THEY will be coming for US,

unless WE STOP THEM!

“The tree of liberty

must be watered with the blood of

tyrants and patriots.”

(Thomas Jefferson)

What are YOU going to DO???

Do YOU have THE COURAGE TO RESIST (like Rachel Corrie) – or are YOU a yellow-bellied COWARD (like the JCOS, other Military Brass and ALL  CONgress Critters)?

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