IMMINENT: Global Economic Collapse! (UPDATED)

What can you (or ANYONE else) do about it?

The GRAND DEPRESSION (spawned by Zionist Slimeball Sorcerer Sir Alan Greenspan in 2001 with his “DEATH BY 1000 CUTS” interest rate policies) is already in progress and CANNOT be stopped by ANYONEBY DESIGN!


“The [economic, political and social] system is not being fixed and deliberately so. The elitists [Zionist Slimeball ALIENS] do not want it fixed. THEY want a collapse [DELIBERATE – like 911!]. This is the only way THEY can force people to accept world government [Zionist Slimeball ALIEN New World Order].ā€™ā€™

ALL that ANYONE can do before THE ABYSS arrives is…

BUY (just a little more) TIME!

The KABOOMS-DAY clock is running out of ticks!

Meanwhile, financial markets (obviously MANIPULATED) are apparently “buying” Mario Draghi’s Euro-CRAP today (DJIA UP 200+) as if it were Manna from Heaven, instead of PURE BS! In fact, EURO-pe (not just PIIGS) is DEAD AS A DOORNAIL!

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2 Responses to IMMINENT: Global Economic Collapse! (UPDATED)

  1. untonyto says:

    It’s ALL true!!!

  2. GodSend says:

    Of course! Would God send a liar? šŸ˜‰

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