WARNING! The Colorado Theatre Shooting is just ROUND 1 of GUN CONTROL! (UPDATED)

The CRIMINALS (controlled by Israeli Zionist Slimeballs and ALIENS) who are running the Federal Gov’t and CONCEALING 911 Truth (ISRAEL DID 911) from Americans, are determined to DISARM Americans before their continued criminal actions trigger the American Revolutionary War II, just around the corner. Watch Zionist Slimeball STOOGES ObamaRahm-a and Mitt Romney spring into action in a “bi-partisan” PLOT to invoke GUN CONTROL and DISARM patriotic Americans. We MUST NOT allow the Constitutional Right of Americans to “bear arms” to be trampled on by Federal GOONS! (Naturally, Zionist Slimeball Mayor of Zion-City Bloomberg “calls for action” by Zionist Slimeballs ObamaRahm-a and Mor(m)onic Romney to enact GUN CONTROL before the Aurora gun smoke clears! Zio-Sickos Lieberman and others are sure to whine in real soon!). There are other ways to achieve public DISARMAMENT than new gun laws (which the politically powerful NRA will resist). Look for innovation from the Federal CRIMINALS!

Now the question is: Is James Holmes a “Manchurian Candidate”, “programmed” for his murderous mission by “Powers and Principalities of Darkness” and their AGENTS in the Federal Gov’t, experts in MIND CONTROL? If he is, that Truth will NEVER be allowed to leak out! Another COVER-UP likely! Watch the MEDIA run amok with the GUN CONTROL issue – but never touch the more likely and sinister MIND CONTROL issue. In the meantime, we can be CERTAIN that James Holmes did NOT “act alone” but had MANY hidden accomplices who aided his diabolical mission. He did NOT “brainwash” himself! The humanoid and reptilian AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan) are extremely CUNNING! THEY are also associated with “Project Mannequin”. Remember that the MSM-designated “monster” (James Holmes) was undoubtedly created by a BIGGER, TENTACLED MONSTER! – the ALIENS and their CRIMINAL AGENTS in our Federal Gov’t (NSA, FBI, CIA, WH, CONgress, etc.)!

Is it just a coincidence that the Denver area (first Columbine and now Aurora) is a HOTBED of ALIEN and DUMB activity??? Check out weird stuff at the Denver airport!

If you’re clueless about the meaning of pyramids, remember that




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