911 Vancouver Hearings: POST-MORTEM

Now that the 911 Vancouver Hearings are history, it is self-evident that NO 911 Hearings, past, present or future, will ever deliver ALL the 911 (and other) Truth which anyone can obtain on this Blog and on my other websites – and which can make you FREE of Satanic DECEPTION. No other facts, blogs, views, opinions or theories are necessary or desirable!

It must be said that James Fetzer has established, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that NO COMMERCIAL AIRLINERS crashed at ANY of the alleged 911 crash sites. It must further be said that Dr. Alan Sabrosky is totally correct when he asserts that “It is 100% certain that Israel (Mossad) did 911!”. ANYONE who disagrees with these two fundamental 911 Truths is one or more of the following: (1) a Zionist (Shill); (2)  a liar; (3) lacking minimal information/intelligence (ignorant). The third self-evident 911 Truth is that Bush-it as well as ObamaRahm-a and their Administrations are GUILTY of a breach of their Oaths of Office, the COVER-UP of 911 Truth and HIGH TREASON. They deserve to HANG!

It’s clear from both, the Toronto and Vancouver Hearings, that the 911 Truth Movement is INFESTED with Zionist Slimeballs, whose main strategy is to sow DECEPTION and CONFUSION. Their work is the work of SATAN, the “Great Deceiver” and “the ruler of this world.”

“God is not the author of confusion!”

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8 Responses to 911 Vancouver Hearings: POST-MORTEM

  1. “It must be said that James Fetzer has established,” what research has Mr Fetzer done? What action has he taken? I think you’ll find that Dr Morgan Reynolds took action on this issue – in 2007. In more recent months, Richard D Hall (not Jim Fetzer) has produced a detailed analysis of the trajectory, in the final moments of the fabled Flight 175. In 2007, I wrote an article highlighting inconsistencies in close eye/ear witness accounts of same. None of this work was done by Jim Fetzer.

    Rather, Mr Fetzer, regarding an issue closely related to the “plane” one, has served to insert doubt where certainty can be obtained – and again, action was attempted by someone else in relation to prosecutions over this issue. I discuss Mr Fetzer’s actions and motives here:


    So where does he now “fit” in the “infiltrated” 911 truth movement? I suggest you read more of my free e-book:


    Most who read it conclude that there is indeed an additional layer of deception to examine. Perhaps there is some link in this, too, to the Israeli/Zionism themes which you mention above. Then again, who wrote the gospels, and how many, really, are there?

    • GodSend says:

      You didn’t finish the sentence:

      “It must be said that James Fetzer has established, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that NO COMMERCIAL AIRLINERS crashed at ANY of the alleged 911 crash sites”

      It may well be that others have come to the same conclusion, either before or after his research was published on his website(s). This is not a “pissing contest” – or shouldn’t be! His reasoning is the best I’ve seen, that’s really all I’m saying. I came to that conclusion LONG before 2007 and published that on my website and Blog shortly after 911.

      ANYONE who does not accept the evidence and reasoning falls into one or more of the 3 categories I listed in this post. The most likely category is Zionist Slimeball (Shill) INFILTRAITOR of the 911 Truth Movement.

      Similarly, there is NO QUESTION that Israel (Mossad) did 911, with the help of their embedded katzas and sayanim – just like Dr. Alan Sabrosky asserted. ANYONE who denies that is suspect (like some who attended and presented during the Vancouver Hearings). It’s NOT a question of “perhaps there is some link”!

      Regarding the Gospels and the authenticity of the Bible, I refer you to the following article. That should resolve any lingering doubts by ANYONE.


      We must not forget, however, that 911 Truth is just the tip of a TITANIC ICEberg of ALIEN (Satanic) DECEPTION! Watch the David Icke interview in my recent post.

      PS Dr. Judy Wood’s book and DEW theory are a DIVERSION and DISTRACTION from the MAIN 911 ISSUE, which is: ISRAEL DID 911 – and America had better WIPE THEM OFF THE MAP before THEY do the same to US (and Humanity)! The 2nd most important 911 issue is that America’s political “Establishment” (including 2 presidents) are perpeTRAITORS of 911 and its cover-up – and THEY should ALL be HANGED! (or worse).

      Exactly HOW 911 was done is of peripheral interest – except that ALIEN technology was used (the “Ball”).

      • Sorry, you missed my point – and if you read the evidence before declaring your conclusion, you will see that what I am saying is that Fetzer has done no original research – rather, he has sought to misrepresent the research of others and encourage people either to be confused about what it shows, or come to the wrong conclusion.

        Your statement about “the ball” is also somewhat out of date. If you watch Richard Hall’s
        updated film, you will see he has moved away from this position now.


        I don’t doubt, myself, the Israeli Mossad thread woven into 9/11 and similar events – and the Zionist agenda. However, I was more interested in how many Mossad agents they’ve got running 9/11 truth movements. Also, can we link any of the prominent figures “speaking out” to Israel or Mossad? I’d love to see the evidence! Some, would say that Alex Jones is a Zionist agent. So look who calls him “a friend”, for example.

  2. GodSend says:

    You missed my points. It doesn’t matter who did original research to prove that NO PLANES CRASHED on 911. It matters that NO PLANES CRASHED and that ISRAEL DID 911 (i.e., the “official” explanation is a pack of Gov’t and Media LIES). It also matters that 2 presidents and their administrations are guilty of the 911 cover-up – at a MINIMUM! It’s much more effective to wipe Israel off the map for doing 911 (even if the hard evidence is melted along with THEM) than to debate ad infinitum exactly how THEY did it before doing anything!

    People “move away from their position” all the time but not because they learned more. They are INFLUENCED to change their minds! It goes on all the time.

    ANYONE who does not openly and publicly condemn Israel for doing 911 (and DEMANDS retaliation) is a Zionist Shill and CANNOT be trusted! It’s like Dr. Alan Sabrosky said (to the Zionist Slimeballs): “BEWARE – WE ARE COMING FOR YOU (annihilation)” The sooner, the better!

    The Truth about 911 (WHO and WHY) is now SELF-EVIDENT (requiring no further proof) to anyone who does even half-a$$ed research on the Web!

    • Oh, I see… so taking action does not matter then. I did miss your point, yes.

      • GodSend says:

        To my knowledge, NOBODY has yet taken any action – except for me. I started POA. Everybody else is just blogging and conferencing until they’re blue in the face -about 11 years worth, so far! Dr. Alan Sabrosky’s threat (“BEWARE – WE ARE COMING FOR YOU”) is the closest we’ve come to any potential action. Like Harold Wallace Rosenthal (big-mouth Zionist Slimeball) said in “The Hidden Tyranny” interview: “We will only be defeated by FORCE” (words are not FORCE!). So THEY’re still wandering around NYC, Wash. DC, Los Angeles (Hollywood), etc. and FORCE is nowhere in sight!

  3. BT says:

    Thanks, GodSend.

    • GodSend says:

      You’re welcome, BT.

      Only very few people realize that (ALIEN) satanic forces have possessed Humanity and conjured up an Orwellian world of mass deception, elsewhere aptly described as “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The Federal Gov’t stone-walling of 911 Truth for 11 years is akin to asserting that “Black is White” and “War is Peace”. The fact that NOT ONE CONgress critter, public personality or MSM spokesperson has publicly exposed the BIG LIE is a sure-fire indication of just how massive the ALIEN infestation really is!

      Nevertheless, and THANK GOD, the “Moment of Truth” and the utter destruction (MELTING) of the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs is not far off! Soon it will be time for all Humanity to dance and sing: “Hava Nagila!” (Let us REJOICE!). Jesus said “Your tears of sorrow will be turned into tears of joy”. 🙂 As the Bard said: “All’s well that ends well”.

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