WATCH the 911 Vancouver Hearings (LIVESTREAM) – Starts Friday, June 15th at 6PM PST

Will this (finally) be REVELATION of 911 Truth???


The Denman Theatre only seats 562 people. MANY  MILLIONS must hear 911 Truth!

Click on image above for the PROGRAM of the 911 Hearings.

Click on image below to subscribe to LIVESTREAM broadcast.


(Saturday, approx. 8:20PM):

* Alan Sabrosky, “Genesis of Deception:  Israel and Its Friends on 9/11″ (40 minutes)

Ph.D., Michigan; held MacArthur Chair of Research and was Director of Studies, US Army War College Strategic Studies Institute.  10-years USMC, has had adjunct appointments at Georgetown and The School of Advanced International Affairs at Johns Hopkins University.

READ my Comments on the 911 Vancouver Hearings Blog.

Since when does a 757 look like a “BALL”???

And remember, if you missed any part of the 911 Vancouver Hearings, you will learn all there is to know about 911 and BEYOND, by STUDYING this Blog and my other websites. Start HERE and click on:


ISRAEL  DID  911! (1)

ISRAEL  DID 911! (2)

ISRAEL  DID 911! (3)

ISRAEL  DID 911! (4)

ISRAEL  DID 911! (5)

ISRAEL  DID 911! (6)

ISRAEL  DID 911! (7)

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9 Responses to WATCH the 911 Vancouver Hearings (LIVESTREAM) – Starts Friday, June 15th at 6PM PST

  1. Artemis Rose says:

    I have no idea how to watch live stream. It is not 6PM PST and I can’t view it.
    When I click the link, paypal comes up but NO information whatsoever.
    Where is this information provided? I haven’t a clue. Please advise!

  2. GodSend says:

    Hi, Artemis Rose

    If you click on the 1st image of this post (Vancouver scenic background), you will be taken to the website for the 911 Vancouver Hearings. Scroll down for instructions on how to pay the $20 subs fee to watch the LIVE STREAM. A word of warning. That’s what I did but I still can’t view the broadcast – all I get is a screen with the title “911 Vancouver Hearings” but the player does not launch. I sent an email message to Support at yesterday and today but I got no response and their phone is not answered, either. I’m not sure what the problem is and if it is a problem which many other people are also having. This could just be a technical problem OR sabotage by Zionist Slimeball ALIENS.

    In any case, we will probably be able to purchase a DVD of the Hearings sometime after they conclude. If not, this entire exercise will amount to nothing more than just another DECEPTION (like the Toronto Hearings) and Jim Fetzer just one more of MANY 911 Truth players who have all played into the slimy tentacles of the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs and their ALIEN masters. Let’s hope that’s NOT the case, but I won’t be surprised if it is! These ALIEN critters are extremely cunning.

  3. Mac says:

    20 bucks? are you kidding me? You can get a BJ behind the bar for that! At least the Toronto hearings feed was free. This is just a money-making venture.

  4. Lt. Baker says:

    They make us say things. They want me to tell you something. They communicate through many things. They communicate through movies. They want to make me say that resistance is futile. They just accomplished their goal.

    Assimilation is hollow, yet pleasurable. You need not fear anymore.

    I’m leaving now.

  5. GodSend says:

    God made a way of ESCAPE from the mind-dumbing ALIEN (ZIONIST) Matrix! THEY are going to be TOAST in Yahweh’s Toaster (Ezekiel 22:20). Here is the doorway through which you can escape:

    Passage into the Kingdom of God is ETERNAL LIFE (and divinely pleasurable) – once you partake of the divine nature, you need not fear anyone or anything anymore!

  6. Fernand Sylvain says:

    Wish I could of attended in person! Wired them $20 with no results. Is there a website with archives or have I been scammed?
    Regards, Fern

    • GodSend says:

      Same thing happened to me – maybe many others. Maybe Jim Fetzer and the other organizers will give a $20 credit towards the purchase of the 911 Vancouver Hearings DVD when it becomes available. Check the Jim Fetzer website occasionally to see if they acknowledge the problem and offer a credit. Personally, I’ll consider the $20 a donation to a good cause – depending on the published results from the Hearings.

  7. chas says:

    You guys would actually spend good money on this garbage? Astonishing.

    • GodSend says:

      What “garbage”, exactly, are you referring to? We would spend a good deal more money on a whistleblower who presented some hard evidence to expose the 911 perpeTRAITORS – Israeli Zionist Slimeballs or Fed Stooges. I fear, however, that there are more ALIEN critters among us than most of us realize. Remember, THEY LIVE – and many of THEM look just like us (after some clever genetic re-engineering).

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