Atmospheric NUKE Testing Moratorium: WHO was really behind it?

It’s NO ACCIDENT that efforts to create a Moratorium on Atmospheric Nuclear Testing began during the Eisenhower Administration, immediately after his historic meeting and TREATY with ALIENS at Holloman AFB on 2-11 1955. (Art Campbell and Phil Schneider).

The ALIENS started “coming out of the woodwork” (aka Darkness) in the 1940s and 1950s. Why? What else “came out of the woodwork” during that time? NUCLEAR technology and Zionist Israel! What prompted the ALIENS to emerge from their dark and mostly subterranean hiding places, which THEY had occupied for eons, to enact a TREATY with “Ike”? THEY had to put a STOP to NUKE Atmospheric Testing (and ideally underground testing). Why? Remember that these ALIEN critters are creatures of the Dark (aka “Sons of Darkness”). THEY HATE the Light – ANY Light. Their arch-enemies are the “Sons of Light”, the sons of God (Who IS Light). An exploding NUKE in the atmosphere penetrates the physical dimension as well as their other-dimensional world of Darkness, causes THEM excruciating pain (or death) and forces THEM to flee. It can also cause their AVCs to lose control and CRASH (1947 – see Art Campbell link, above). That’s why NUKES (or similar source of Light and Heat) are the ONLY WAY to eliminate the ALIEN infestation of planet Earth. Remember that Zionist Israel is the HOMELAND of the ALIENS and AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan).

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