The Threat to Humanity in Syria is not Assad – it’s MOSSAD!

THEY (Zionist Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE – of Satan) will readily KILL (shoot, knife, axe, incinerate [white phosphor], etc.) Palestinian children, Syrian children, Lebanese children – and YOUR children (not to mention babies, pregnant women, old men and old women) to eliminate Zionist Israel’s perceived enemies and create Zionist-friendly regimes throughout the Middle East and the world! THEY have been doing it since BEFORE 1948. YOUR babies and children are on their HIT LIST. It’s WHAT THEY DO! (and have been doing for a very long time). THEY are humanoid and vicious critters with a REPTILIAN origin and nature, after all. Human life and suffering mean NOTHING to THEM!


(Harold Wallace Rosenthal – “The Hidden Tyranny”)

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