FLASH!: Dr. Alan Sabrosky presenting THE shocking 911 Truth (ISRAEL DID IT!) at the 911 Vancouver Hearings, 15-17 June!


What happens after the Vancouver Hearings finally disclose 911 Truth?

Zionist Israel gets NUKED back to the stone age for doing 911!

And what well-deserved fate awaits Bush-it, ObamaRahm-a and all the other perpeTRAITORS of 911 and its 11-year COVER-UP?


My comment of May 24, made on Jim Fetzer’s “911 Vancouver Hearings” website:


RE. The REAL POWER of the 911 Vancouver Hearings: The Documentary (DVD)

As a distinguished educator (among your other impressive qualifications), it will come as no surprise to you that the Vancouver Hearings are simply the foundation stone on which a massive educational process must be subsequently built. The sinister forces behind 911 have used the last 11 years to implant a deep dislike and disdain about anything having to do with 911 in the minds of the American populace, other than the inescapable requirement to commemorate the victims on the anniversaries of 911. Millions of Americans MUST now be re-educated with 911 Truth and that will REQUIRE the production and distribution of the DVD. Otherwise, the Vancouver Hearings will be very much like the Toronto Hearings: INEFFECTIVE in reaching the minds and hearts of Americans with 911 Truth! The Documentary DVD must be a 1st-class production which grabs and holds the attention of anyone who watches it – and stirs them into RAGE (Alan Sabrosky) and ACTION! As an educator, you undoubtedly understand how that works. If this is not done, the Vancouver Hearings will turn out to be nothing more than a 3-day “cry in the (Canadian) wilderness” by some well-intentioned people (the presenters).

Please let all of us 911 Truthers, who are anxiously awaiting the Vancouver Hearings, know how you plan to make its promising impact spread far and wide and throughout America (and the world) with the Documentary DVD. If done properly, it could even be screened in theaters as a Documentary and “Oscar” nominee!

Do not tarry. Time is now of the essence!

My comment of May 25, made on Jim Fetzer’s “911 Vancouver Hearings” website:


RE. Exposing 911 Truth EFFECTIVELY – the Acid Test of American Patriotism

So, Jim, while you and your visitors here contemplate my recent comments, it will become very clear in the coming days, what the true motivation for the Vancouver Hearings really is. Is it to expose 911 Truth to Americans and the world – or is it to fire yet another poorly aimed and ineffective shot at the sinister forces who did 911 and who are are hell-bent on controlling and destroying America for their own, nefarious purposes?

The last thing which those sinister forces behind 911 want Americans to SEE!, is a compelling DVD which documents 911 Truth, as presented during the Vancouver Hearings, and which exposes the Zionist State of Israel and its STOOGES within America’s public and private institutions who are responsible for 911 and its 11-year COVER-UP, supported by Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a and a whole assortment of polished and deceptive Military Brass and gutless politicians from all parties!

ALL previous attempts to expose 911 Truth have failed miserably. Why?

The ENEMY WITHIN is extremely intelligent, cunning and ruthless. THEY have planned the TAKE-OVER of America very well and for a very long time! The reason all previous attempts to expose 911 Truth have failed is because these attempts were SABOTAGED from within to direct, re-direct, mis-direct and defuse these attempts from finding the massive audience of Americans which is MANDATORY to stir them into RAGE and ACTION against the 911 perpeTRAITORS. Like Alan said, “Go Tell It To The People” (EFFECTIVELY) is the key to success!

And there you go! Unless an effective follow-up DVD Documentary is produced and widely distributed, (PLANNED IN ADVANCE) the Vancouver Hearings will be just another, PREDICTABLE failure. It’s time to show your TRUE COLORS! I sincerely hope that these true colors are the familiar “Red, White and Blue”.

Semper fi

My comment of May 26, made on Jim Fetzer’s “911 Vancouver Hearings” website:


RE. 911 and other diabolical deceptions of the ALIEN ATTACK on AMERICA

On 911, the ALIEN ATTACK on America transitioned from mostly concealed (underground) activities to OPEN WARFARE on several fronts. Serious investigations will reveal the following facts, although many will continue to be hidden from the minds of many Americans (and the Human Race). The many flaws in the “Official” 911 fairy tale reveal that THEY are no longer concerned with being discovered. Why? Because with control of the MEDIA, THEY think THEY can create a reality which is mostly DECEPTION and LIES. THEY crossed the Rubicon on 911 and THEY are now in their END GAME – the descent of America (and Humanity) into the ABYSS.

1. The Vancouver Hearings should reveal that 911 was planned and carried out from Zionist Israel with ALIEN technologies. 911 was intended to demonstrate their ability to CONTROL reality through their CONTROL of the American Federal Gov’t, the Military and the MainStream Media (MSM).

2. Zionist Israel is the HOME BASE and COMMAND CENTER of the ALIEN presence. America is heavily penetrated by THEM (original, mostly “grays” forms and humanoid form) and is their “instrument of choice” to achieve Global Domination of planet Earth.

3. A simultaneous ALIEN ATTACK on the American and GLOBAL (mostly Western) Economies was launched by Zionist Slimeball Greenspan’s “Death by 1000 Cuts” interest rate policies – continued by Bernanke’s devastating QE DEBT-producing policies. Eventual TOTAL ECONOMIC and SOCIETAL COLLAPSE is 100% CERTAIN. I call it the “GRAND DEPRESSION”, now in progress

4. 311 (Fukushima) represented an ALIEN ATTACK on Japan and on the Human Race and Habitat, which is an integral part of the ALIEN strategy of complete destruction. ALIEN technologies were also used during 311, which was planned and launched from Israel (Jim Stone). THEY can create “earthquakes” and tsunamis!

5. The American and German governments (perhaps others) are already under the COMPLETE CONTROL of the ALIENS and their humanoid AGENTS in Zionist Israel. American cooperation with the ALIENS started with “Ike” at Holloman AFB.

6. The origin (and nature) of these ALIENS is extra-terrestrial. THEY have been here for eons to carefully plan their ATTACK on AMERICA – and on the Human Race. See “Ancient Aliens” on the Heritage Channel for more evidence. There are NO “good” ALIENS. If THEY were good, THEY would not be hidden and in cahoots with the Federal Gov’t and the Military!

That’ll do for starters. The rest of the story is revealed on my websites and blogs. As I said, 911 is merely the “tip of the iceberg”! The “GREAT DECEIVER” (Satan) is behind 911 and everything else I’ve mentioned here.

Sounds “FAR OUT” and unbelievable, doesn’t it? Human minds have been “programmed” for a long time to OBEY (and KILL) and not question what these perpeTRAITORS in our midst are really “up to” and who THEY really are!

My comment of May 27, made on Jim Fetzer’s “911 Vancouver Hearings” website:


RE. The 911 Vancouver Hearings MUST do more than preach to the converted!

For the Vancouver Hearings to have an impact greater than didley squat, they MUST be heard, loud and clear and throughout America and the world, AFTER they conclude on June 17th. The assembling of a few hundred men and women who are dedicated to discover and declare 911 Truth (and bring the perpeTRAITORS into the light of day and to JUSTICE), will do little to reach that objective unless the 911 Truth messages are delivered to the millions of deliberately deceived and clueless Americans, at least.

The Vancouver Hearings may well be the Last Hurrah of the 911 Truth Movement and the last opportunity to focus world attention on the GREATEST CRIME and DECEPTION ever perpetrated on America and on Humanity.

You and the other organizers and presenters at the Vancouver Hearings are to be commended for your persistence and courage in pursuing 911 Truth and an ENEMY (the perpeTRAITORS) which is FAR more cunning, vicious, dangerous, deadly and dedicated to our destruction than even well-informed Americans suspect!

A Documentary DVD of the Vancouver Hearings will ENSURE (hopefully) that the liberating messages of 911 Truth will finally be loudly and clearly heard – and have long overdue and DIRE CONSEQUENCES for the diabolical perpeTRAITORS.


My comment of May 28, made on Jim Fetzer’s “911 Vancouver Hearings” website:

The New World Order (ALIEN CONTROL of America and planet Earth) arrived openly in America with 911. If you watch and listen to the following video (excerpts from a “politically incorrect” speech by Edgar J. Steele – FRAMED by the FBI and DoJ for a crime he didn’t commit so that THEY can SILENCE and imprison him for the rest of his life) very carefully, it will become painfully clear what 911 Truth will UNCOVER (the tip of an iceberg of the ALIEN AGENDA!). THAT’S why THEY are so determined to CONCEAL 911 Truth from millions of Americans.


PS The Patriot Act, enacted immediately after 911 in the dead-of-night, was not only NOT READ by any “legislator” before being approved, it was written BEFORE 911 ever happened! DHS, TSA and NDAA are just more pieces of the ALIEN AGENDA, falling into place. Watch the William Pawelec interview and get a glimpse of how the ALIENS (the above-ground ones who look human) operate. In Mr. Pawelec’s word: THEY are “COLD” CONTROL FREAKS (as in COLD-blooded, like reptilians – cunning, cruel and without compassion). The ALIEN AGENDA is COLD – like an ICEberg! (and 911 is just the tip). Are YOU connecting the pieces yet???

PPS The really important and as yet unanswered question is:

Just how many of these humanoid ALIENS have been implanted into human society, many of THEM in positions of influence (think of AIPAC, the WH and CONgress, for starters) and power? Are there already more of THEM than there are of US??? Only DNA tests can tell. If there are, GOD HELP US!

My comment of May 30, made on Jim Fetzer’s “911 Vancouver Hearings” website:

NOTHING of permanent value will be gained from the 911 Vancouver Hearings unless ALL OF AMERICA becomes the “911 Truth Community” immediately following the Vancouver Hearings. The ONLY way to do that is to produce and distribute a 911 Documentary DVD of the 911 Vancouver Hearings and DELIVER 911 Truth to ALL Americans and the world, as detailed in my previous comments here. Have you been listening, Jim? If the Documentary DVD is not part of your plan, you are merely playing into the slimy tentacles of the (ALIEN) Zionist Slimeballs! Why would you do something FRUITLESS like that, pray tell? We will know shortly if the 911 Vancouver Hearings are just part of the continuing 911 DECEPTION (like the Toronto Hearings).

“ISRAEL DID 911 is the ONLY 911 Truth which MUST be told to America and to the world. The rest of the GIGANTIC ICEberg of the ALIEN AGENDA will float to the top thereafter. Think of it as opening Pandora’s Box!

My comment of June 7, made on Jim Fetzer’s “911 Vancouver Hearings” website:

“After 40 years of patient study of the crisis which faces humanity, I arrived at a very simple conclusion–all conspiracies are Satanic!……..The politician offers to defend you against your enemies, so that he can deliver you to your ultimate enemy–Satan” – Eustace Mullins (“Curse of Canaan”)

“There is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” — President Woodrow Wilson

“The covert operators that I ran with would blow up a 747 with 300 people to kill one person. They are total sociopaths with no conscience whatsoever.” — Former Pentagon CID Investigator Gene Wheaton

These men described the ANCIENT ALIENS and Israeli Zionist Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan), who did 911 and have seized control of the Israeli, American, German, British and a whole bunch of lesser Governments and their Agencies, including the Military.

So that’s who we’re up against, Jim, Alan, et al, in the battle to disclose 911 Truth! Is anyone still wondering who is behind the cold-blooded massacre of Syrian babies, children and civilians? THEY want control of Syria – just like THEY wanted control (destruction) of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Iran (coming!), Lebanon (coming!), etc. THEY want nothing less than GLOBAL DOMINATION, one way or another!

Like Edgar J. Steele said from his prison cell: “WE HAVE TO STOP THEM!”. Like Harold Wallace Rosenthal said: “ONLY FORCE WILL STOP US.” (“The Hidden Tyranny”)

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