The ONLY Solution for Greece: DEFAULT and stick it to the “German” and “French” Banks.

June 17 is the time for the Greek people to leave the Eurozone and tell the G8 to stuff it!

Spain and Portugal will be next. The people of the world, trapped in the Zionist Slimeball MATRIX,  must REPUDIATE the Zionist Slimeball Banksters by REPUDIATING ALL DEBT. CREDIT is being used by the Zionist Slimeball ALIENS in CONTROL of Banks and Governments to ENSNARE and ENSLAVE MILLIONS! THEY also use DRUGS and WARS to enslave and destroy and THEY have a diabolical ALIEN AGENDA to POISON {311– Fukushima} the human habitat. THEY LIVE where you and I live and are creating GULAG EARTH to make us all PRISONERS! (like the GAZA GULAG).

Banks are an ALIEN (Zionist Slimeball) invention to ENSLAVE humanity!

Does MAMMON ring a bell?

A few Israeli Zionist Slimeballs ring the MAMMON bell at the NYSE.

“We, the Jewish people, {he meant Zionist Slimeballs} CONTROL America

and the Americans know it.”

(Ariel Sharon – ex-PM of Zionist Israel)



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2 Responses to The ONLY Solution for Greece: DEFAULT and stick it to the “German” and “French” Banks.

  1. Zog says:

    Greece defaulting is EXACTLY want we want them to do! We will then own their historic places and the land they live on and charge them rent to stay there!!!! We win – again.

  2. GodSend says:

    Hi there, Zog (Zionist Occupied Gov’t)!

    After Yahweh’s DOUBLE-DIP HEAVENLY HOLOCAUST (the GREAT MELTING – Ezekiel 22:20), “we” (ZOG, Zionist Israel and Zionism) will no longer exist. Mazel Tov! Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum understood the nature and threat of Zionism to Jewry – but he didn’t realize how it would all end. “Father Knows Best!”

    Yahweh allowed the Zionist State of Israel to be created for only one reason: So He could gather the “rebellious house of Israel” there and………POOF, MELT THEM!

    “The Word of God is LIVING and POWERFUL.” Sometimes, it takes a while for His Word to be fulfilled.

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