The genetically re-engineered Zionist Slimeball Aliens look like this:

(what hasn’t changed is the reptilian, cunning and cruel nature – with hearts of STONE!)

ONLY the Human Race, made in the image of God, consists of unique individuals – unique in appearance and personality and with a human heart and soul. Alien Races and other races all look alike – like ants, bees, flies, herrings, crocodiles, lemmings, sheep, etc. THEY want to DE-HUMANIZE the Human Race and make us all look and be identical (with implanted RFID chips for 24×7 surveillance) – SHEEPLE with NO individuality!  God has a better PLAN for the Human Race, the PINNACLE of His Creation, to-date:

A New, Spiritual, Immortal Humanity, made in the image of His Son, Jesus the Christ, the FIRST (Alpha) and the LAST (Omega)!

“No more tears and no more death!”

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