Is the “Free Edgar Steele” website really a Zionist Shill Operation???

Click on recent photo of Edgar to go to the “Free Edgar Steele” website/BLOG.

The admin there (Bob) moderates the BLOG and it has become CLEAR that neither Bob nor anyone else there, ostensibly involved in an effort to free Edgar, has done or is doing ANYTHING with any hope of being effective. WHY? Read my reply to Bob (not likely to be published on the “Free Edgar Steele” BLOG):

“You know what, Bob (admin) – I think you are not really interested in freeing Edgar but are a part of the conspiracy against him and therefore a Zionist Shill! NOTHING effective has been or is being done to free Edgar, who is now rotting and irradiating in his jail cell. Everything done on this website is a WASTE OF TIME (has been since day 1) and destined to failure – intentionally, I believe!

Before long, I will EXPOSE you and whoever else is behind this WASTE OF TIME website on my websites and blogs – like I exposed some others of the same ilk. Either that or you are a TOTAL IDIOT who, like Einstein said in his definition of INSANITY “keeps doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Legal actions are a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!!! You and Edgar’s new “legal team” are simply torturing Edgar and his family by raising false hopes!

THEY are in near-TOTAL CONTROL and no legal action is going to stop THEM – BUT, like Dr. Alan Sabrosky said: “BEWARE – WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!” (ALL of you, Bob!)

Now show some guts and publish this comment, you deceptive AH!”

The “Free Edgar Steele” website is like Gordon Duff’s “Veterans Today” website: ALL TALK and NO ACTION – by DESIGN, without doubt. All they really want to do is make “blah, blah, blah” NOISE and PREVENT EFFECTIVE ACTION!

Anyone who is still in doubt about what it takes to STOP the Zionist Slimeballs and their CRIMINAL Federal STOOGES, MUST read the Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview: “The Hidden Tyranny”, in which that Zionist Slimeball boasts that only FORCE can STOP THEM. He was RIGHT. Legal action is NOT FORCE!

Meanwhile, a LEGAL CAMPAIGN to free Edgar, costing around $400,000, is being mounted at the expense of Edgar’s family and solicited donations. Why? It has already been PROVEN by Edgar’s FRAME-UP and (MIS) Trial that the Zionist Slimeball-CONTROLLED Feds have violated and are continuing to violate Edgar’s Constitutional rights at every turn. THEY did what THEY could not legally do, as Edgar said in his jail-cell interview! What makes anyone think that THEY will now cave in and admit their prior criminal actions and apologize? The (legal) “system” is BROKEN beyond repair by conventional (legal) means! Sinister forces, (including Bob, the FES website admin) are cunningly at work to financially RUIN the Steele family and keep Edgar in the Federal Penitentiary in Victorville, CA for the entire 50 years of his outrageous Sentence. You CANNOT fight and defeat the Zionist Slimeballs and their Federal STOOGES within a legal system which THEY CONTROL!

“The system is broken!”

THEY can now FRAME an innocent person and send that person to a maximum security Federal Penitentiary AT WILL and in open violation of the Constitution! Are YOU next?


Here’s ONE way to actually DO something to STOP the Zionist Slimeball ALIENS:

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4 Responses to Is the “Free Edgar Steele” website really a Zionist Shill Operation???

  1. Bob M. says:

    “Bob” here. Well, lots of dissatisfaction with, eh? Why? Because you don’t like the content? Because you _think_ the site is working against freeing Mr. Steele?
    If you feel need to “expose” me, hey, go for it. There’s nothing to expose. I volunteer to support the Steele Family, and I do what they and their legal representation tell me to do. Personally, I’m a 100% Caucasian Odinist, and FWIW have no connections whatsoever with any Zionist entity or person. My construction of the site and webmastering of same may not be top notch, but, as I said, I am a volunteer. I came forward very soon after Mr. Steele was arrested. I have spent innumerable hours volunteering my time and supportive efforts with the singular goal of getting Mr. Steele out of jail, back to free, private citizen status. I actively censor comments that I feel are off-topic, detracting or provocative. You don’t like that? Tough. I’m not going to give bent tools and whack-jobs full voice. Do you? That’s your choice.
    There is a tiny but tediously loud band of yahoos who have – from the earliest days of Mr. Steele’s battle – demanded the Steele family and support circle undertake a legal battle based on THEIR notions, suggestions. Would YOU appreciate your neighbor telling you how to handle a legal issue because they know what’s best for you? I doubt it. These yahoos go apoplectic when Mrs. Steele, the Edgar Steele Defense Fund Board, myself and other “inner circle” supporters turn a deaf ear to their blabber. The Steele Family is the only source of decisions made about the legal strategy. You don’t like that? Double-tough. You think the legal strategy choices made by “The Steele Camp” are wrong? Triple-tough. I support the family deciding for themselves where their life – which centrally includes Ed Steele as husband, father, neighbor & friend – is going to go. I have voiced my _opinion_ occasionally, but defer to Mrs. Steele in EVERY case, at EVERY time. It’s the considerate, adult thing to do. It’s called being respectful of others’ wishes. Here’s another nugget for you. There have been aspects to the case strategy I have disagreed with, for whatever reason. Guess what. That’s _MY_ issue and I can always end my volunteering role with the Steele case. So we’re on the same frequency, I’ll say it again: my personal goal is to support the Steele Family et al to garner Edgar Steele’s release from prison. I defer to their decisions at EVERY turn.
    I close by reiterating that you are certainly welcome to your opinions about the Steele case and about my voluntary, supportive role. I propose there are other directions in which you can support Ed Steele and his release.

    By the way. Anything to do with Donald E Pauly / Trojancowboy / “Steele Went Crazy” is utter, complete, worthless BS, led by a disruptive agent provocateur with a massive attention-need and endless interest in bickering/Steele-bashing. It was that tool’s BS comment that brought me here. I know DEP. I know his M.O. If you align with him, we unquestionably have nothing more to say.

    Bob M. / Spokane, WA
    FES Webmaster
    Vice-president, Edgar Steele Defense Fund (Idaho non-profit)

  2. GodSend says:

    Edgar said (see above) “The System is BROKEN”. If the (legal) system (which framed Edgar and sent him to prison for the rest of his life) is broken, why would anyone in their right mind pursue an expensive course of legal action to free Edgar through that broken system??? If you are not a Zionist (Shill), Bob, then you and the members of Edgar’s family and other financial supporters who think there is recourse by legal means are fools who just don’t understand what America is “up” against! STUDY this blog and my other websites and you, too, will learn what America is “up” against and what we must do to STOP THEM. THEY violate our legal system and the Constitution AT WILL, up to and including POTUS. To put any hope in our existing, BROKEN legal system is LUNACY, at best.

    Donald E Pauly sent me an email and wanted to discuss the Steele “case’ with me. It didn’t take me long to figure him out and send him packing. I am not aligned with him in any way!

    My interest in the Edgar Steele “case” goes FAR beyond freeing Edgar. America is under grave existential threat and Edgar is just one victim among MANY others and MANY more to come, UNLESS we STOP THEM (as Edgar said from his prison cell). It will take the overthrow of our illegal and CRIMINAL Federal Gov’t to STOP THEM, nothing less!

    We will see on Monday (July 8th) if the appeal (and any others in the future) produce the desired result of freeing Edgar. The chances of that happening are ZERO.

    I suggest, Bob, that you and others pursue a more intelligent course of ACTION which will produce the desired results! (

    • Bob M. says:

      My observation holds that many have come forward critical of Mrs. Steele’s (and all those around her, including her hired representation) decisions regarding exonerating her husband. You propose there is some “more intelligent course of action”. What assurance can you provide this “more intelligent course of action” would assure Mr. Steele’s freedom? Full assurance? A bold statement, certainly. Then it appears Mrs. Steele and all around her are the fools you claim us to be. Because we have (according to you above) not studied _your_ information, along with embracing it.

      Let’s imagine Mrs. Steele studied your info and chose whatever you propose is the ‘correct’ direction for a legal battle (or whatever) to garner Mr. Steele’s freedom. Let’s further imagine that such an approach fails. But you said yours was the best advice… the “more intelligent course of action”. Any skin off your nose? Doesn’t look like it. And our comrade remains in the hooscow.

      I can’t decide if it’s arrogance or what that causes people rise to various levels of dissatisfaction with the choices made by Mrs. Steele in her efforts to free her husband. More than a few have gotten outright nasty because their protestations were ignored. These yahoos shout their armchair quarterback blabber and actually demand the Steeles do what they are told. Christ, where is adult “tact”? I guess there are people out there in cyberland who think this way, and that’s sad.

      I commend you in seeing through Donald E Pauly. For far too long he has been a self-appointed thorn in the side of nearly every aspect of the Steele case, and he shows no signs of letting it got. His “Steele went crazy” mantra is HIS meaningless blabber which he actively shouts is the “most intelligent course of action” (according to his opinion).

      As soon as I can get some feedback from those close to the Appeal, I’ll post the info on the FES web site.

      Thanks ultimately for your general wish that Mr. Steele be freed.
      Bob M.

      • GodSend says:

        The results of the appeal will decide if this legal effort was/is/will be foolhardy or not. It will prove to be a WASTE of time and money!

        Nothing can assure that Edgar Steele will be freed! Mrs. Steele and all others who support her legal strategy may be well-intentioned but that does not exonerate them from being fools! Mrs. Steele will end up so much poorer for all the money wasted on this (predictably) USELESS campaign. You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to figure out what’s “going on” here! Just collect the evidence and connect the dots – as Edgar very clearly stated: “The System is BROKEN”. This legal strategy is INSANITY (or worse)! You should advise Mrs. Steele to abandon her INSANE strategy and come up with something that has at least a chance of succeeding – even if that chance is slim.

        It’s time to stop beating a dead horse (BROKEN system) with legal appeals that raise false expectations of success!

        I have FAR more than a “general wish” to free Edgar. I single-handedly took POSITIVE ACTION ( to enable that to happen. That’s FAR more than anyone else has done!

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