“Knish-Mish” Mike Shedlock’s wife has ALS. So what?

If you click on the photo, you can read the post that Mike made today (3 April 2012) about his wife and what they are going through – a very sad personal situation, to be sure. Mike is an astute commentator on macro-economics and this is an unusual post for him to make on his website. Now Mike, like many (most?) web bloggers and web analysts of ANYTHING, religiously AVOIDS the topic of “WHO DID 911, the GREATEST CRIME EVER committed against America. I used to comment on his blog until I was banned. I made a comment on his blog today, which was banned and which follows below:

“I’m very sorry to hear about your wife’s illness, Mish. My wife of 32 years has been afflicted with MS for many years, so I know what you are going through. Here’s my condition for buying one of your ‘lottery’ tickets: write an article similar in content to the article Dr. Alan Sabrosky wrote on July 4th, 2011, published on the ‘Veterans Today’ website (stating unequivocally that “Israel did 911” and that American Patriots are “coming for” all the perpeTRAITORS). Now that’s a cause even more worthy than finding a cure for ALS!!! Writing that article will take a lot more courage than writing the article about your wife – and it will do a lot more good (for America and all Americans), as well.”

There is no greater American Tragedy than the American Tragedy which was “kicked off” by Israeli Zionist Slimeballs on 9-11-2001, when THEY cunningly attacked America and murdered THOUSANDS of Americans in broad daylight. NOTHING is worth writing about until THAT FACT is written about by ALL who have and use a public forum to write about ANYTHING else! Why? Because THEY are still at large and plan to murder MILLIONS more! (including Americans and Iranians). If you’re going to tell anything to The People of America, THAT is what you should be telling them FIRST! Personal tragedies are secondary!

Let’s put COURAGE in perspective!

Click on photo and listen to a truly courageous American Patriot!

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