Who is a ‘Christian’?

“It pleased God… to reveal His Son in me.” (Galatians 1:15,16)

“If Christ, the Son of God’s love, is central and supreme in the heart of the believer so much else goes down, it must go down. Controversies with God will divide, but those artificial things, those things resultant from man’s activity and his projecting of himself, insinuating of himself into the interests of God, those things cannot abide where there is an adequate inward revelation of the Lord Jesus; they cannot be. These two things are before us: one, because of the revelation of Jesus Christ in our hearts we have a passion for Him; on the other hand, because of the absence of a sufficient revelation of Christ in our hearts we are out for other things which we would say are in His interests, and for Him, but which can never, never satisfy God’s heart. It is the satisfaction of the heart of the Father, which is in view.

Beloved I am speaking about the individual. I am not justified, and you are not justified, in claiming to be Christians except in the measure in which Christ is manifested in me, in you; and all the force and weight and ingenuity of hell is out against that. Believers have far more to provoke them to un-Christ-likeness than anyone else in the world. Believers have far more assaults to churn them up and to make them betray Christ than anyone else. Hell is dead set against the revelation of Jesus Christ. Everything begins with this, the revelation of Jesus Christ within.”

By T. Austin-Sparks from: “The Centrality and Supremacy of Christ”

Now ask yourself: Is Jesus the Christ, with His self-evident meekness, lowliness of heart and utter simplicity and earnestness of message to humanity, revealed in the Pope, in John Hagee, in Joel Osteen, in Billy Graham, in Benny Hinn, in Kenneth Copeland, in Lon Solomon, in Greg Laurie, in Pat Robertson and in all those other self-proclaimed ‘Christian’ pastors, ministers, preachers and missionaries, who preach violence against the people of Iran (among other, un-Christ-like apostasy, like unquestioning support for the Satanic State of Zionist IsraelZIO-‘Christianity’) from the pulpits of their TV and opulent MEGA ‘Churches’ and other places, leading MILLIONS of self-proclaimed ‘Christian’ sheeple astray?



“Things have gone away, gone wrong, got out of God’s way, and God is returning to where they went wrong. God usually does that with us. And so what is God’s beginning? It is His Son before the foundation of the world. Right back in the eternal counsels His Son was made the beginning, God’s starting place. Men have all gone astray, because of history, “all of us like sheep have gone astray.” God gets back to His beginning, His Son. Christendom has gone astray, and the only way of saving Christendom is to get back to God’s beginning, a true and right apprehension of His Son.” (TAS – March 29)

“God… has shone in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” (2 Corinthians 4:6)

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