“Seven Days in May” – SAVING AMERICA FROM ZIONISM and the (Israeli) AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan)!

“So help us, God!”

And I have a final message here for those sworn elected and appointed officials of the US Government [Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a and their Administrations and their Israel-FIRST Appointees] who have betrayed their oaths in order to serve Israel, for those around the government who have facilitated this effort [Zionist-CONTROLLED MainStream Media and Military Brass], and for Israel itself. You all have been discovered. Your treason, treachery and crimes are known. You may not believe it yet, but your political and strategic Judgment Day is finally appearing on the horizon, as surely as it came for Nineveh and Tyre in ancient times, for the infamous Third Reich in 1945, and for the Soviet Union two decades ago.”

(Dr. Alan Sabrosky – USMC Officer, Army War College)

Beware. We are coming for you!

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2 Responses to “Seven Days in May” – SAVING AMERICA FROM ZIONISM and the (Israeli) AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan)!

  1. geeta says:

    We are powerless to battle these wicked Zionists. How can we do it? Most people are brainwashed completely and those aware of what is really happening are in the minority. I am soo scared of these powerful evil people who are not even seen by us.

    • GodSend says:

      Do not be afraid but put on the whole armor of God. THEY are now desperate because THEY know their END is near – even at the door! How can we tell? THEY are committing CRIMES – but leaving EVIDENCE all over the place (911, 311, etc.). “Vengeance is Mine” says the Lord. THEY will finally get their (HEAVENLY) HOLOCAUST – Ezekiel 22:20 UNLESS Humanity beats Yahweh to the punch and MELTS THEM with a latter-day rain of Nukes all over Zionist Israel (“New Khazaria”) and turns “Paradise into a Parking Lot”. We know that His “gathering” of Zionist Slimeballs in the “Synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9) is now complete – 6,000,000+. All of Humanity will soon be dancing and singing “Hava Nagila” (Let us Rejoice) as those Zionist Slimeballs finally get what THEY deserve! Once the heads of the Hydra (Israel) are cut off from the rest of the body of Zionism (especially in America, Germany, the UK and Australia), THEY will be easy pickings. “There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” – Zionist Slimeball teeth! “Your tears of sorrow shall be turned into tears of joy” as Jesus returns to establish His Kingdom and rule the Nations.

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