Was Joe Vialls right about the Israeli Zionist Menace to Humanity and their diabolical DECEPTION?

Click on image for a somewhat reasonably accurate description of Joe Vialls’ insights into the ALIEN AGENDA of GLOBAL DOMINATION and the END of the Human Habitat (311 [Fukushima], Sumatra “earthquake”, GOM Oil Spill, etc.) and of the Human Race. Remember, THEY (Israeli Zionist Slimeballs who CONTROL the governments of Israel, America, Germany, Australia, etc.) are AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan). THEY LIVE – and look just like us – but THEY have the diabolical Nature and Origin of the GREAT DRAGON, SERPENT and DECEIVER (SATAN)! And YES, those Israeli Zionist Slimeballs also committed 911 (Dr. Alan Sabrosky) and MANY other CRIMES against America and against Humanity. Check POA for what to DO about it!

A NOTE about Fukushima Reactor #3 (click on the Fukushima link, above, for photo #1 and on the text, below, for photo #2):


“A servant is not greater than his Master. If THEY persecuted Me, THEY will also persecute you.”

“Satan is the ruler of this world.”

(Jesus the Christ)

Just ask yourself: “Who is being persecuted?”

Is the Pope? Is the President? Is Ron Paul? Is Joel Osteen? Is John Hagee? Is Israel?


THEY are all part of the CORRUPT World Order (ruled by Satan)!

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