It is 100% certain that these 2 IDIOTS are totally in the dark!

First things first!

“Beware. We are coming for you!”

And, as a minor ASIDEWHY do certain nuclear powers have to be “convinced” that Iran’s nuclear activities are for peaceful purposes – while they don’t give a rat’s ass that Zionist Israel has illegally and secretly armed itself to the fangs with hundreds of NUKES – and even USED some of them (mini-NUKES) against America on 911 and PLANS to use them against the rest of the world whenever it feels like it (“Samson Option”), pray tell?! The UN Security Council needs to conduct urgent talks on how to disarm Zionist Israel! – or better yet, authorize any nuclear power to NUKE Israel at their whim – unless they surrender their NUKES and nuclear-capable submarines. Do Dimona and Vanunu matter?

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