Israeli Zionist ALIENS are attacking Humanity and its Planet Earth Habitat: 911, 311, GOM Oil Spill, GRAND DEPRESSION,…

Zionist Israel is the HOMELAND of the AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan) and of ANTI-Christs. THEY are using advanced technology (Google Phil Schneider and William Pawelec) and DECEPTION to DESTROY Humanity as well as our Habitat. THEY CONTROL America and Germany and are in the process of seizing CONTROL of the Middle East – on the road to GLOBAL DOMINATION. STUDY this Blog and my other Blog (Blogger) and websites (“Sons of Light” and “Patriots OCCUPY America“).

WAKE UP! – before it is TOO LATE!

The ONLY Solution is on Page 1 of this Blog. Here is the scoop on the GOM BP Disaster: “Speaking Truth to Power” THEY CONTROL the legal and illegal DRUG trade for PROFIT and to turn humans into Zombies. THEY are the architects (Greenspan & Bernanke, et al) of the DOUBLE-DIP GRAND DEPRESSION and the global DEBT BOMBS (PIIGS, America, etc.) and MASSIVE UNEMPLOYMENT (30,000,000!). For an insight into their GAMEPLAN for Humanity, read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. THEY CONTROL the Medical industry and the MainStream Media (MSM), including “Hollywood”. THEY INFEST public and private American institutions. The ZIONIST CRIMES are legion! THEY are coming for all of us – including YOU!


and THEY have a “SAMSON OPTION”, ready-to-launch!


What’s that and THAT on the Dark Side of the Moon (1965)?

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