What’s REALLY going on in Syria, Ukraine, Russia, etc.? (UPDATED)


Zionist Israel provocateurs are BUSY in Syria and elsewhere in the M.E., stirring up “popular” uprisings aimed at REGIME CHANGE to produce new regimes which are friendlier (“in the iron grip of” – like America and Germany) to Zionist Israel. Think of Egypt, Libya, etc. New, national “Basket Cases” (Iraq, Libya, Egypt, etc.) are also part of their plan. Zionist Israel’s American “poodle” (ObamaRahm-a, Clinton, etc.) is barking all the right noises in obedience to its Zionist Israel master! Middle East hegemony by Zionist Israel is just one stop on their way to the Zionist New World Order!

Russia and China are NOT buying the BS!!!

It’s only a matter of a little more time before Russia and China realize that the ELIMINATION of Zionist Israel is the ONLY solution to their M.E. ambitions and avoidance of REGIME CHANGE activities within their countries. Russian “unrest” has its roots in the same place (Zionist Israel) as the “Arab Spring” unrest. As long as Zionist Israel is permitted to exist, things will only get worse for EVERYONE – A LOT WORSE! “THEY MUST BE STOPPED” (FRAMED¬† attorney Edgar J. Steele – jail cell interview)

Or, as excessively exuberant Harold Wallace Rosenthal (former Zionist Slimeball big-mouth, silenced [too late] by the Mossad) asserted: “We will never be defeated by words – only FORCE! (“The Hidden Tyranny”). Russia can deliver all the FORCE to do the job right! Continued Russian “presence” in Syria will just make the “mop-up” easier. The last opportunity to STRIKE is BEFORE Zionist Israel expands beyond its current borders and becomes “Greater Zionist Israel”! It’s the Human Race vs the Alien Race!


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