Edgar J. Steele’s predecessor FBI & DOJ FRAME-UP victim!

Edgar J. Steele and R. Budd Dwyer have something SCARY in common!

INNOCENT men, FRAMED and hounded by the FBI and DOJ and SINISTER FORCES behind them – and given 50+ (life) sentences! Budd chose not to go to prison for alleged crimes he didn’t commit! How did the Zionist-controlled MSM cover this story???

(check the Washington Post)

Amerika has become a GULAG, run by…




in Washington DC, DUMBs – and YOUR neighborhood!

(Google William Pawelec and Phil Schneider)

PS R. Budd Dwyer made a BIG mistake! You don’t defeat the Zionist Slimeball Criminals and their Federal Stooges by blowing your own brains out. It’s much more effective to blow THEIR brains out! “Every now and then, the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” (Thomas Jefferson). NOW or SOON is one of those times!

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