911 – The 2012 Vancouver Hearings (15-17 June 2012)

Click on above image for PROOF that NO PLANES hit the WTC on 911!

Great to SEE! that the 911 Truth Movement is not dead, I think – maybe! The Vancouver Hearings organizers MUST consider ALL evidence which debunks the 911 “Official” explanation and IMPLICATES ALL those who participated in the execution of 911 and its subsequent cover-up (most prominently, the MSM). Included MUST be the Bush-it Administration, the ObamaRahm-a Administration, the Rogue and Satanic State of Zionist Israel and its katzas and prominent sayanim, embedded in America’s public and private institutions and officials of ALL Federal Gov’t Agencies which played ANY role in 911 (including the JCOS, Military, MIC, “Intelligence” Agencies [CIA, FBI, NSA, NRO, TSA, FAA, DHS, etc.])

Then, let the chips (or axe or NUKES) be delivered to the perpeTRAITORS of 911 and Zionist Israel. We (including America’s Military Brass and all CONgress Critters and 2 Presidents) already KNOW THEY did it. It is 100% CERTAIN! (Dr. Alan Sabrosky).

If the Vancouver Hearings DO NOT establish, at a minimum and beyond the shadow of a doubt, that (1) Zionist Israel (Mossad) is primarily responsible for PLANNING and EXECUTING 911, with (2) the full cooperation of Bush-it and people in his Administration, including its subsequent COVER-UP by those same people as well as (3) ObamaRahm-a and people in his Administration (including ALL their Zionist Slimeball “handlers”) and that (4) NO COMMERCIAL AIRLINERS crashed anywhere on 911, then we will KNOW that the Vancouver Hearings were a FRAUD and…



Remember, if and when the Truth about WHO did 911 (the Israeli Zionist Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE [of Satan]) is publicly and universally made SELF-EVIDENT, all Hell will break loose (aka the REAL HOLOCAUST) in America and Zionist Israel will be “wiped off the map” (aka NUKED to Kingdom Come)! Can THEY afford to let that happen??? My educated guess is that the Vancouver Hearings will just be a re-run of the Toronto Hearings, despite James Fetzer’s best efforts. Or, Jim Fetzer will actually turn out to be part of the Problem – instead of the Solution! On the other hand…

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