Are all “Christians” Followers of Christ?

“If anyone desires to come after Me,

let him deny himself, and take up his cross,

and follow Me.”

(Matthew 16:23-25)

“A servant is not greater than his master;

if  they persecuted Me,

  they will also persecute you.”

Look around at all the TV “Evangelists” and pastors of MEGA Churches, like John Hagee, Joel Osteen, Greg Laurie, etc. Are ANY of them persecuted? Is the Pope, below, persecuted in all his worldly splendor and wealth of the RCC? How many of the self-proclaimed “Christians” who blindly follow their religious leaders are persecuted, as they religiously stream into their MEGA Temples of Satan (ZIOChristianity) on Sundays – and recline in their cushy theater seats to get fired up into hating Muslims and bombing innocent people in Iran, for the benefit of the Rogue and Satanic State of Zionist Israel? (“The Synagogue of Satan”) Are YOU persecuted – for His name’s sake???

“Narrow is the gate

and difficult is the way which leads to life, and

  there are few who find it.

(Matthew 7:14)

Is this character “gentle and lowly in heart”, like Jesus?

Can you detect the humility and lowliness of heart of Jesus here??? (scroll to top!)




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