Calvary Chapel – ZIOChristianity Propaganda Pulpits!

Take it from one who has recently been to a Calvary Chapel (Montebello – Pastor “Pancho” Juarez) and knows: THEY don’t “Simply teach the Bible simply”! – THEY preach PRO-Zionist Israel PROPAGANDA and spread ANTI-Iran (Muslim) fear into the hearts and minds of their deceived and clueless congregations. Do Israeli ZIOChristianity (CUI) funds finance Calvary Chapels all over America – in return for spreading Israeli Zionist ‘Chosen People’ diabolical LIES?


Besides that (as if that isn’t bad enough!), Calvary Chapels are “into” propagating pastoral personality CULTS and building $$$multi-million ‘state-of-the(black)-art’ altars to MAMMON (like that ZIOChristianity Pastor Joel Osteen, et al) – only on a more modest scale!

“There will be gnashing of teeth!”

(right in the pulpits of many Calvary Chapels)

For more about the DECEPTION of ZIOChristianity, visit Pastor Charles E. Carlson’s website and campaign to EXPOSE Zionism infesting so-called ‘Christian’ churches:

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