911 Vancouver Hearings CONCLUSIONS: NUKE Zionist Israel back to Hell – where THEY (Satanic ALIENS) came from – for doing 911! HANG the 911 perpeTRAITORS for HIGH TREASON, starting with Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a! “Live FREE – or die!”

“The ruler of this world is judged.”

(SATAN, his demonic ALIEN RACE and his humanoid ZIONIST SLIMEBALL AGENTS)

(Scroll down and read Yahweh’s Judgment)

“I know the blasphemy of THEM who say THEY are Jews and are not – but are the Synagogue of Satan

(Revelation 2:9)

Click on “Z” mask for a great video on 911 Truth!

(Remember, we KNOW that Zionist Israel {Mossad} did it!)


and the Israeli Zionist Slimeball Connection (Revisited)

“Jim Stone” (pseudonym) (NSA) (311)

“His conclusions have ramifications that make 9/11 pale in significance.”

(Henry Makow)

“Humanity is Satanically Possessed”

“It is 100% certain that Israel (Mossad) did 911.”

(Dr. Alan Sabrosky – former USMC Officer, Army War College)

Humanity’s or Yahweh’s New Year’s Re-Solution for 2012:

“As men gather
silver, bronze, iron, lead, and tin
into the midst of a furnace,
to blow fire on it, to melt it;
so I will gather you
{the Rebellious House of Israel}
in My anger and in My fury,
and I will leave you there {in Israel}
and melt you.”

(Ezekiel 22:20)

This is only a tiny piece of the “mother-of-all-meteors” INCOMING to MELT Israel, etc.!




What the world is witnessing now, especially in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, is “false-flag” de-stabilization, initiated by katzas and sayanim of the Satanic Zionist State of Israel – Homeland of humanoid, reptilian AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan) and anti-Christs. The purpose is to re-shape (shape-shift) the geo-political landscape of the Middle East, North Africa and Europe (for starters) in favor of the Zionist Slimeballs’ “Greater Israel” and Zionist NWO dream – and Humanity’s nightmare! Part of the nightmare are PRO-Zionist Israel new governments emerging in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc.! Germany is already under their CONTROL – just like America and the UK.

Just SOME Victims {Zundel} of Israeli Zionist Slimeballs (click on BIO, above)

For MORE on “Holocaustianity”, visit Michael Hoffman’s “Revisionist History”

A similar de-stabilization and mis-direction campaign has been launched in America (OWS), along with the plan to destroy the American economy (GRAND DOUBLE-DIP DEPRESSION), started by Sir Sorcerer Alan Greenspan (Zionist Slimeball) with his “Death by 1000 Cuts” interest rate policies and continued by his Zionist Slimeball Apprentice Benjamin Bernanke with QEI, QEII and QEIII, resulting in the GIGANTIC DEBT BOMB which is now ticking down to its planned and inevitable KABOOM! Effectively, the only remaining political party in America is the ZIONIST PARTY of ISRAEL. It is funded by the $3.5BILLION annual DONATION made to Zionist Israel by the American ZOG (Zionist-OCCUPIED-Government). Learn how THEY destroyed the political career of Cynthia McKinney, in collusion with the Zionist-CONTROLLED Supreme Court. Shades of the ADL-CONTROLLED Feds’ (FBI and Dept. of Justice) FRAMING and Constitution-defying DESTRUCTION of Attorney  Edgar J. Steele (scroll down to the bottom of the linked page) and his family. Like Edgar said in his jail cell interview: THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

Unless the Rogue State of Zionist Israel is stopped dead in its tracks (SOON!), THEY will succeed in conjuring up a GLOBAL GULAG (similar to the GAZA GULAG), imprisoning all of Humanity! THEY have a GAMEPLAN, revealed in “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, to achieve this GLOBAL DOMINATION. The GAMEPLAN is focused on turning America into their obedient and CONTROLLED SLAVE STATE and EXECUTIONER. Bush-it, ObamaRahm-a and 911 are unmistakeable signs that this DIABOLICAL PLAN is rapidly reaching the intended levels of TOTAL DESTRUCTION and TOTAL CONTROL. The Zionist infiltration of Christianity (CUI – Christians United for Israel) is further PROOF that THEY intend to CONTROL all major American institutions, public and private, in order to achieve their devilish objectives. The next president (if any) will be another “Auslege” Goy STOOGE of the Israeli Zionist MATRIX, like Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a.

Some years ago, Harold Wallace Rosenthal, a Zionist Slimeball with a loose tongue, revealed the AGENDA and MO of the Israeli Zionist ALIEN Cabal in an interview: “The Hidden Tyranny”. The memorable bottom line from this interview is: “We will never be conquered by words – only FORCE. The FORCE required to defeat the Zionist Slimeballs must be TOTAL and IRRESISTIBLE  to achieve the MANDATORY  INSTANT ANNIHILATION of Zionist Israel and prevent THEM from exercising the advertised “Samson Option” – a planned nuclear counter-attack against American and European cities.

Humanity has a common ENEMY WITHIN THE GATES (Planet Earth). THEY have been here for eons, spinning their deceptive and deadly web, which is now entering a phase of ACCELERATED and BLATANT actions and atrocities to achieve their diabolical ends. IRAN is their next target in the Middle East. THEY are now mostly holed up in DUMBs – Deep Underground Military Bases, located throughout America and the world. When the time is right, THEY will emerge to TORMENT Humanity, as foretold in “Revelation”. (Google “Phil Schneider” and “William Pawelec”)

There is only ONE sure-fire SOLUTION to Humanity’s DESPERATE PREDICAMENT!  (other than an “Act of God” – Ezekiel 22:20). SEE! graphic photo, above. In the meantime, EFFECTIVE RESISTANCE by American Patriots must become organized (“Resist the Devil and he will flee from you”):

If you’re thinking that this is a rather EXTREME Solution and that we should negotiate with those Zionist Slimeballs, remember that you CAN’T make a pact with the Devil – and win. It would be like a mouse, negotiating with a hungry cat for its life! THEY are a pack of humanoid RAPTORS – Cunning, Carnivorous, Cannibalistic, Cruel and Cold-blooded. Just ask any Palestinian who has escaped the IDF white phosphor shelling and bombings, still alive and imprisoned in the GAZA GULAG. Or, ask Rachel Corrie, JFK and Roy Tov.

My observation about ‘Jews’, posted on the “Free Edgar Steele” Blog:

  1. Haven’t visited here for a while and just read all those recent comments. I’m sure all of us recognize that America is under a GRAVE THREAT by “powers and principalities of Darkness in the heavenlies” – or however we may describe THEM.

    Those who fail to distinguish between Jews (Judaism) and Zionists (Zionism) are falling into a trap set by those cunning Zionist Slimeballs. Alan Hart recognized that trap when he wrote his book: “Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews”.

    I know many Jews, having grown up with them and having been taught by them and working with them in NYC and elsewhere. Most of those Jews which I personally know are ‘nominal’ (semi-secular) Jews and follow some Jewish traditions but they do not live according to the hate-filled Talmudic principles taught by some rabbis. Most Jews are just like goyim, with similar concerns, morality and ethics. Many support Israel, without realizing (and in some cases, deliberately ignoring) exactly what a CRIMINAL and DIABOLICAL pack of humanoid reptilian critters have taken control of Israel – under false pretexts and with an alien agenda. To accuse all Jews of being part of the Zionist Slimeball Attack on America (911, etc.) and on Humanity is a MISTAKE – and will lead to the persecution and pogrom (Holocaust) of innocent Jews (similar to the Nazi fake ‘Holocaust’, as advertised by the ADL and Abe Foxman).

    Many Zionists claim to be Jews but “THEY are not Jews but are the Synagogue of Satan” (Jesus the Christ).

    There are several Jewish organizations which vehemently oppose Zionism. Neturei Karta True Torah Jews, “Jews Against Zionism” and others, in addition to the many Jews who oppose Zionism but are not vocal about it. There is a lot of opposition (growing) to the Zionist Terrorist Regime within Israel!

    It’s important for all Jews to become educated about the true origin and nature of Zionism, Zionists and Zionist Israel and DO something about it, BEFORE they become victims of the likely REAL HOLOCAUST which will be unleashed when millions of Americans finally find out that Israel (Mossad) did 911 – along with their “Auslege” goyim in the Federal Gov’t.

    As a follower of Christ, I’m no fan of Judaism – Torah or Talmud – but Judaism represents no threat to America or to Humanity. Zionism, on the other hand, is equivalent to Nazism and Satanism and is THE GRAVE THREAT to America and ALL Humanity. Nothing will be more effective in finally eradicating Zionism than informed Jews! (like Benjamin Freedman and Mordechai Vanunu and Michael Hoffman, among many other Messianic Jews).

    Let’s not throw out the baby (innocent Jews) with the bathwater (Zionism).

    Finally, let’s not forget that the most spiritual followers of Christ were former Jews – Paul, Peter, John, Matthew and His other disciples, foremost.

    Anyone who condemns Jews ‘wholesale’ without differentiation is either blind (uninformed) or possibly a crypto-Zionist.

  2. PS “Anyone who condemns Jews ‘wholesale’ without differentiation is either blind (uninformed) or possibly a crypto-Zionist.”

The 3rd possibility is what Abe Foxman would describe as a “racist anti-Semite”.

Neturei Karta True Torah Jews have known that Zionism is Nazism since 1948!

From Dick Dees’ perceptive and creative mind. In reality, the ALIEN Zionist Monster is on the INSIDE of ALL the public and private institutions of America – and is here shown busily sucking up America’s blood, guts, treasure and souls through the main CONgress Critters’ ORIFICE of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan).

It doesn’t matter whose NUKES are used to MELT Zionist Israel into a Parking Lot – American, Russian, Pakistani, Iranian, Chinese, etc. – heck, with a little bit of Divine Intervention and a handful of motivated Mordechai Vanunus, THEY will blow themselves back to Hell!

NEW Middle East map after Ezekiel 22:20

Note that Zionist Israel has been “wiped off the map”

Yahweh turned the former Israel [black area] into a Parking Lot!

“Hava Nagila” (Let us REJOICE!)

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2 Responses to 911 Vancouver Hearings CONCLUSIONS: NUKE Zionist Israel back to Hell – where THEY (Satanic ALIENS) came from – for doing 911! HANG the 911 perpeTRAITORS for HIGH TREASON, starting with Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a! “Live FREE – or die!”

  1. momi says:

    haha silly old man, when you die, soon, we, the Jewish people, will piss on your and your wife’s grave. Your children are going to be converted to Judaism and sent to live in a West Bank settlement :). You can’t beat the Jews so better save you family and run away from us!

  2. GodSend says:

    Welcome, momi!
    You know, of course, that Israel is NOT the ‘Homeland’ of the Jewish people, right? You know the BIG Kahuna in the sky called “Yahweh”, right? Well guess what? I have it on “good authority” that Yahweh pronounced the Divine Diaspora JUDGMENT on the Jewish people some time ago and they are FORBIDDEN to have a “Homeland” until He says: “OK”. Nobody has ever heard Him even whisper “OK”! So you know what that means, right? It means that Israel is really the Homeland of Khazarian Zionist Slimeballs,aka AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan).

    Ever hear of “The Synagogue of Satan” (per Jesus the Christ, the Son of Yahweh and your Messiah!). Google “Texe Marrs” or read Revelation 2:9.

    Two of my children already have the “Right of Return”, but you know what? They are kinda scared to “Return” because they KNOW that Yahweh’s PROMISE and PROPHESY, made by the prophet Ezekiel in 22:20 is just about ready for DELIVERY!

    So, if you are holed up somewhere in “New Khazaria”, you will be well advised to get the heck outa there asap – unless you wanna become a small sip of the BIG MELT. :O

    By the way, I LIKE the Jews! Why, do you think, I’m revealing this all to you? That goy Alan Hart also has a soft spot for the Jews. That’s why he wrote a book called: “Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews”. You should read it and then pass it around to all your relatives and friends so thay all can join “Jews Against Zionism”. It’s either that or partake in the REAL HOLOCAUST, planned by those diabolical Zionist Slimeballs in Israel. Neturei Karta True Torah Jews call them NAZIS! BINGO!, right?

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