“Gangrene” Gingrich: Potential DISASTER for America!

This lying Zionist Slimeball and Israel-FIRSTer is an INSULT to intelligent Americans!

(And, YES, Zionist Slimeball Rick Sanatorium is WORSEA LOT WORSE!!!)

Which one of these Zionist Slimeball Repugnican TRAITORS to America and odd ZIOChristian fake (not counting the common CRIMINALS) has admitted that Israel did 911 and DEMANDED a Re-Investigation of 911 to PROVE it!? (before NUKING Israel to OBLIVION). Expect a similar LINE-UP of Zionist Slimeball Democrat TRAITORS, headed by ObamaRahm-a, known collectively as “THE THREE (Zionist Slimeball) STOOGES”.

There is nothing more revolting than witnessing Israeli Zionist Slimeball-selected and so-called ‘leading’ Repugnicans and Democrats, jockeying for the best position and privilege of kissing Israeli Zionist Slimeball asses for 4 years in the WH and in Tel Aviv! THEY are looking for someone who can do it better than BJ-Bill, Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a (no easy feat!).

What we can be certain of, is that whoever those Israeli Zionist Slimeballs pick to be the next President (if there will be any!), will be an Israel-FIRSTer – just like BJ-Bill, Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a!

The more THEY change, the more THEY remain the same (Zionist Slimeballs)!

On the other hand……..

It’s about time!!!

(to EXTERMINATE the Zionist Slimeballs)

Until Ron Paul (or any other Presidential candidate) actually says that, Americans CAN’T TRUST HIM or THEM – either!

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