Testing, Testing, Testing Tim Tebow with 911 Truth.

Tim Tebow(ing) seems to be “God’s Quarterback”, or perhaps God is Tim’s Quarterback, but whether there is any truth to Tim will eventually emerge when his true character is put to THE TEST (Question): WHO DID 911? There is only ONE correct answer to that question and that answer is written all over this Blog and my other Blogger Blog (http://sol-godsend.blogspot.com). If Tim is just another ZIOChristian (like millions of other so-called ‘Christians’ who follow CUI [Christians United for Israel] mis-leaders of the sheeple, like John Hagee, Joel Osteen, Pat Robertson, etc., etc., etc.,) then he will say ANYTHING BUT “It is 100% certain that Zionist Israel (Mossad) did 911“. (Dr. Alan Sabrosky). It’s as simple as that. In any case, it’s still exciting football – even if his ultimate game is one of Deception. We shall SEE! (if terrific Tim is “owned” by those cunning Zionist Slimeballs and being used for their nefarious purposes of deceiving millions of American Football Fan Sheeple – or if he is like Coke, the REAL THING).

Of course, you don’t have to be a Follower of Christ to be a 911 Truth-Teller! (but you CAN’T be a Follower of Christ and NOT speak the TERRIBLE  911 Truth – the Truth which will make America FREE of Zionist Slimeballs).

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