WHO IS Roy Tov – and why should we care?



This book was one that I also could not put down. It was difficult to obtain the book, as many Jewish-owned publishing houses would not publish it. Even the local library had a tough time locating it, but happily it did. Mr. Tov is quite an extraordinary man. He is very intelligent, resourceful, and perceptive. He is a scientist and businessman by training, but has managed, amongst most difficulty, to write this book…an enlightening insight into Israeli life and philosophy. His pursuit by the Mossad tells just what lengths the Israeli government will go to in order to squelch any Truth about their country becoming public. Israel is in fact a most hateful and prejudiced and intolerant country, even lacking in a state constitution…so they can make up laws as they go along.
I hope Mr. Tov is now relaxed somewhere and enjoying a truly good cup of coffee…it is well deserved! I am buying a copy of this book to donate to my local library so others can enjoy and learn from it as well.


As an American (and Christian) I have often found it baffling why Israel behaves the way it does and why America has the relationship it does with Israel. There is often the myth and then the reality. Ro’i Tov weaves a spellbinding account of his life’s journey as he weaves his way growing up and living through the labyrinth of Israeli society, politics, university life, business and military service and ultimately into a race to freedom in southeast Asia. From an early age he begins a spiritual awakening and a suffers from a growing disparity between the actions of Israeli Institutions and State vs Christ’s message of peace, love and goodwill for all mankind. For Americans it is also a wake-up call to the dangers of allowing a surveillance state to be established in the United States. Institutions have a mindless way of doing what they are setup to do without any regard to the consequences of their actions or effect on innocent people and rights of individuals. Mr. Tov has managed the difficult task of creating a book that is both strong on content and a really great read.


LISTEN to what the author says, “My life is all that I have. A glimpse at my soul is my only possible legacy.” “. . . I want my story proclaimed. That is my will. Simple, short, strong and clear. I am asking whoever reads this book to make this saga known to the public.”

Please buy and read the book and act accordingly.

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4 Responses to WHO IS Roy Tov – and why should we care?

  1. DeWayne says:

    In trying to contact Roy Tov (Jewish Christian) about his email-artilce on Iran (Shah overthrown), I tried to correct this misconception, the Shah left (abdicated) Iran year-1979 in last stages of cancer, dying year-1980 of cancer in Egypt… makes this “overthrown” statement an importnt error.

    However, upon launching the email-reply to Roy Tov, it was immediately noted as ‘blocked’ by Comcast. It continued to be blocked a second time, whether this is a specific blockage for myself only is unknown.

  2. GodSend says:

    To my knowledge, as of today, Roy Tov is still alive (I think in Bolivia). I would not be surprised, however, if some “False-Flag” Mossad Zionist Slimeball were to “accident” him – or worse. As an ex-IDF whistleblower supreme, he is certainly a thorn in their side! (like Mordechai Vanunu).

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