Federal NASA Spaceballs – run amok!

Ever wonder what those highly educated and highly paid NASA (National Administration of Space ALIENS) Spaceballs actually DO for a living? (paid for directly or indirectly by taxpayer dollars – MILLIONS of them each year). Here’s a clue from a recent posting (made daily) on the APOD website. While THEY are peering into Space, year-in and year-out, millions of Americans are jobless and on Food Stamps. Why aren’t we paying Nutsoballs in Cuckoo’s Nests similar money for playing out their fantasies at taxpayer expense? Are the Federal Gov’t and its NASA ‘astronomer’ Spaceballs playing with us – or with themselves???

MACS 1206: A Galaxy Cluster Gravitational Lens
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, M. Postman (STScI), and the CLASH Team

Explanation: It is difficult to hide a galaxy behind a cluster of galaxies. The closer cluster’s gravity will act like a huge lens, pulling images of the distant galaxy around the sides and greatly distorting them. This is just the case observed in the above recently released image from the CLASH survey with the Hubble Space Telescope. The cluster MACS J1206.2-0847 is composed of many galaxies and is lensing the image of a yellow-red background galaxy into the huge arc on the right. Careful inspection of the image will reveal at least several other lensed background galaxies — many appearing as elongated wisps. The foreground cluster can only create such smooth arcs if most of its mass is smoothly distributed dark matter — and therefore not concentrated in the cluster galaxies visible. Analyzing the positions of these gravitational arcs also gives astronomers a method to estimate the dark matter distribution in galaxy clusters, and infer from that when these huge conglomerations of galaxies began to form.

I believe there is EXCESS DARK MATTER forming in the brains of NASA Spaceballs and their Federal Gov’t Employer!

PS I can hardly wait to see those ‘highly detailed maps of dark matter’ in the MACS 1206 Galaxy Cluster – which is about 4 BILLION light years away (give or take a few million light years) from the Hubble telescope, through which the NASA ‘astronomers’ will be peering ’til the cows come home! Maybe those maps will be available from AAA, just in case you want to spend a future summer vacation there! Figure 8 BILLION light years travel time (round trip) plus 2 weeks enjoying the scenery and taking close-ups of MAC 1206. Of course, your job may be gone (along with some other things) by the time you get back from your somewhat extended 2-week summer vacation!

What does this have to do with 911? Zionist Slimeballs and NASA Spaceballs flock together and feed out of the same (Public) trough!

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