Zelikow on the INEVITABLE EXTINCTION of Zionist Israel

Sure looks like Zelikow!

“I’ll tell you what I think the real threat [is] and actually has been since 1990 – it’s the threat against Israel,” Zionist Slimeball Zelikow told a crowd at the University of Virginia on September 10, 2002.

To be precise, it is the very REAL and IMMINENT threat of the EXTINCTION (as in ERADICATE FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH) of the Rogue State of Zionist Israel by none other then YAHWEH, Himself – as prophesied by Ezekiel 22:20 (long before 1990!)


The entire world will be dancing and singing “Hava Nagila” (Let us REJOICE!) when the ALIEN ABOMINATION Zionist Israel finally bites the dust!

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