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“Knish-Mish” Mike Shedlock, a COMPLETE DUNCE…

…can’t seem to figure out that Bernanke (the Apprentice), along with the Sorcerer (Sir Alan Greenspan) are EVIL ZIONIST SLIMEBALLS (the DEMONIC DUO) who are DELIBERATELY DESTROYING America’s Economy, starting with “Death by 1000 Cuts” and (probably) ending with QEIII. … Continue reading

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911: 10th Anniversary – A Celebration of HIGH TREASON!

America is INFESTED with ALIENS THEY have castrated our military leaders and brainwashed millions of Americans and turned them into vast herds of clueless SHEEPLE – ready to be fleeced and slaughtered! (SEE! “THEY LIVE” – and watch the William … Continue reading

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